Northanger Abbey (Jane Austen) – Journal Entry

“No one who had ever seen Catherine Morland in her infancy, would have supposed her born to be an heroine” (page 22). As the opening of Northanger Abbey, the narrator introduces Catherine Morland as the protagonist and begins taking the reader on the heroine’s riveting, labyrinthine and mysterious journey of life. I have chosen this quotation because the openings and endings of novels are usually the lines that convey significant meanings and spark questions in the reader’s mind. In which the significance of this opening is to present the reader to the protagonist of the novel and arouse interest in […]

DEAR: The Girl who Played with Fire

Only Stieg Larsson would be able to craft the compelling masterpiece know as “The Girl who Played with Fire”. The crime and mystery thriller that built suspense with each page, woven with delicately placed details mixed with intricately written dialogue left me wanting for more. Good thing it’s the second book in a trilogy. To put it frankly, the books good. Very good. Excellent in fact, to the point where it actually has been made into a movie. The suspense is what hooked me on, and the eventual unraveling of all the answers to the seemingly endless conspiracy was enough […]

Dear: Inferno

I’ve been reading ‘Inferno’ by Dan Brown recently. It is about Robert Langdon, a professor of symbology, trying to find out what happened during the days when he was blacked out; at the same time, uncovering the truths to a secret plan on reducing human population. This book includes not only italian history from the 1500s, also relates them to concerns the world is facing now, e.g. over population. The link between the two seemingly unrelated things is ‘Inferno’, or in other word, ‘hell’. Botticelli’s painting of hell is based on Dante’s description. It is the first image of hell […]

DEAR journal – If I Stay

I have just finished the book If I Stay by Gayle Forman. It is actually quite a short book compared to everything else I read but it is great. If I Stay in the first book of two with a sequel Where She Went. I really enjoyed the book as it fiction but isn’t anything abnormal… well not exactly. It sure does have some mystery and something a little abnormal but that’s what makes it such a good book, its normal but not quite.

If I Stay is about a teenager who has to deal with difficult choices and life […]

DEAR Journal Entry – Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)

Written by George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) is one of the most intriguing yet appalling novels I have ever came upon. The novel depicts a dystopian society where every single action of its citizens is being monitored through the use of technology, even their conversations are secretly recorded, unknowingly. Daunting posters of the ruling Party’s seemingly omniscient leader – a figure known as Big Brother – are found everywhere, and often followed with the slogan “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU”. The official slogans of the party are associated with the indoctrination of its citizens, which they are: “War is peace”, […]

“Breaking Dawn” – Stephanie Meyer

Breaking Dawn fits into the genre paranormal romance and young adult fiction. This is the fourth book in the Twilight Saga. The book is divided into three parts from two different narrators. The first part from Bella’s point of view, where she gets married and goes on her honeymoon with her new husband, Edward. Soon, Bella finds out that she is pregnant with a half human, half vampire child. They get in contact with Carlisle, who confirms she is pregnant. But the baby is growing ant an unnaturally accelerated rate. Part two is from Jacob’s point of view, Bella’s werewolf […]

DEAR Journal – Looking for Alaska

I am currently reading Looking for Alaska by John Green. The book is narrated from Miles Halter’s point of view, the main character. Miles sets out on a quest to find his “Great Perhaps”. Deciding that he isn’t going to find it in Florida, he makes the decision to leave his family and attend Culver Creek Boarding School, in Alabama. There Miles finds his nickname Pudge, a prank master as a roommate and a girl named Alaska Young. A different, unique and mysterious girl. She’s wonderful, terrible all together, yet falling apart and Miles can’t help but fall for her. […]

Dear Journal – Breaking Dawn

Braking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer is the fourth and final noel in the Twilight series. The book talks about a vampire, Edward Cullen, who has fallen in love with Bella Swan, a normal human. They get married, go on their honeymoon and end up having a child. To understand this quote, a little both of background information on the characters is needed. Charlie and Renée are Bella’s birth parents but they got divorced when Bella was a child. Renée remarried and her new husband is Phil.

” The las image i registered was one of my parents. Phil had both […]

Matched by Ally Condie

I am presently reading a book called Matched by Ally Condie. Matched is a very interesting book. This book is about a girl who is living her life and waiting to be matched. Matched with her soon to be perfect other half. This quote is set on a banquet on her very special night were she finds the perfect boy for her which society chooses. They receive a micro chip card which contains information about the boy who they are going to spend the rest of their life with.

“A girl in a green dress stands waiting, her heart pounding. […]

The Bar Code Prophecy – Suzanne Weyn

The The Bar Code Prophecy is a dystopian book set in the future where everyone has a small barcode tattooed somewhere visible on their body, hence the name. It is the third book in a trilogy called Barcode. Every barcode is different for each person and has their personal information on it. They can use it as a credit card as well.

It starts as the main character, Grace Morrow, comes home only to find her adoptive parents missing and her house surrounded by a group of police called Global 1, the company in charge of the barcode tattoos. She […]

Dear journal – perfect people

The book i’m reading now is called ‘perfect people’. It is about a married couple who close their 4 year-old child to a rare genetic disorder. They desperately wanted another kid but when they found out they both carried genetic disorders (meaning that their next child has a high chance of having the same disorder) they were devastated. They then heard about a geneticist doctor who can help them solve their issue. At first all they thought he would help do was separate their genetic disorders so they have another child who would be perfectly fine but it turned out […]

The Belgariad – Queen of Sorcery

I have just finished reading the Queen of Sorcery by David Eddings which is the second book in the series named Belgariad. It has a mix of genres from romance, to adventure, to coming of age. This book is more difficult to read compared to modern fiction even though it is not long. One reason for this is that the writer leaves holes which you must fill in as well as a great memory because the names and plots in this book are really confusing even if you read it more then once that is because the names and attributes […]

the lost horizon dear post 2

i have recently finished the book i was reading which is ‘the lost horizon’.the second half of the book is about the group of people great escape and how 2 of them escape the valley and go back to their normal lives.It ends with quite a cliff hanger making it intriguing and a possible chance of a sequal.the book finishes with “”do you think he will ever find it?”is asked”,the book ends with a question which makes the reader always question and want a sequel. this makes the book finish on a bit of a cliff hanger which i believe […]

Inferno By Dan Brown

Inferno, Written by the author who brought us the Da Vinci code(Dan Brown), is what i believe to be a great book bringing Dantes visionary sight of hell into a world of where a transhumanist organization run by the billionaire and top scientist Zobrist who’s goal is to create a epidemic or plague which will lower the world population significantly so we don’t extinct ourselves by not having enough to support the shear amount, he plans to eradicate 1/3 to be exact of the worlds population. However, the World health organization or the WHO are trying to stop his efforts […]

The Redeemer – Jo Nesbo

“She was fourteen years old and sure that if she shut her eyes tight and concentrated she could see the stars through the roof.” This is the intriguing opening line of the book I have just started. I love this quote because it is so unorthodox and it makes you want to carry on reading the book. The book itself was written by Jo Nesbo, in Norwegian and so has been translated, as a result there are some phrases that I have encountered that I do not fully understand. Although, at the moment, the pages are turning quite […]

‘Gone’ Lisa Mcmann

‘All Janie can hear is some shuffling around in the bathroom. she runs a brush through her hair and fixes her soggy makeup. And then she goes to Dorothea’s bedroom, takes out the dress and undergarments, and carries them to the bath room’ this is on page 169. This quote is important because now that her dad has died they have a funeral and their mum needs to get up from her bed. She is an alcoholic so that is very hard for her. She doesn’t shower often and only stays in her bedroom. So getting up for her and […]

Dear Journal – The Fault in Our Stars

The book, “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green, talks about a love story between two cancer patients. The main characters are a sixteen-year-old named Hazel who suffers from terminal thyroid cancer (a type of lung cancer) and a boy named Augustus which she met in a support group, whom lost a leg from osteosarcoma. So far in the story, they traveling internationally to Amsterdam in order to visit the author of Hazel’s favorite book “An Imperial Affliction”, Peter van Houten, to listen to the ending of this unfinished story.

“I’m like. Like. I’m like a […]

Paper Towns.2

I just finished the book paper towns by John Green. This book continues as Quentin starts to figure out the clues Margo supposedly left for him, which turned out to be a poem called ‘Song of myself‘ by Whitman. Parts of the poem were highlighted, for example: ‘Unscrew the lokcs from the doors! Unscrew the doors themselves from their jambs!’ After a long time of digging around, Q found out that Margo literally hid the clue between the hinges of his door. On the note is an adress to a subdivision in the middle of florida, an building that had […]

On the Coast of Dorset

As the tide, of the British channel, returns to the open seas, it leaves the wonders of shells both big and small and unveiling the sandy beaches.The sound of seagulls whining aloud, makes the customers of the local chip shop conceal their food from sight. The lingering smell of seaweed is all that fills your nose, however the smell is overwhelming and you smell it as soon as you reach the coast. Children play in the water and parents watch from the beach while the occasional couple walk along the peer. The weather varies even if it I it is […]

Dear Journal; Percy Jackson the Titians Curse

Latey, I have been reading the 3rd book in the the Percy Jaskson series, written by Rick Riordan. I enjoy reading the series because each page is filled with excitement. “I doubted the cow serpant understood what I was saying, but it responded to the tone of my voice.” This vote is important because Percy could speak to sea serpants but with the cow serpant he wasnt able to hear its thoughts nor could it hear his. The cow serpant understood Percy’s tonne, if he was being serious the cow serpant would understand and also if Percy was talking calm […]

DEAR journal entry

I have recently finished The Turning by Tim Winton. It is an interesting collection of short stories. I enjoyed this book because the author is from Western Australia, like my family and I, and accurately describes life there. The topics include the life of a housewife (On Her Knees), relationships (Boner McPharlin’s Moll) and giving up an education and a job for an interesting life (Big World).

My favourite story in the book was On Her Knees, since it made me want to treat my ayi better, and not accuse her of anything or mistreat her in any way. In […]

dear post:lost horizon

The lost horizon is all about passengers on a plane which get kidnapped,but the problem is they have no idea where they are going.They end up crashing in the platue of tibet to then soon find out that they are in shang ga ri la of china where in the past it is said to be a valley of everlasting youth with people who live up to 100 years old.”a full moon rose,touching each peak in succesion like some celestial lamp -light,until the long horizon glittered against a blue-black sky”(65)i like this quote because it tell you a lot about […]

Fahrenheit 451

“Fahrenheit 451” describes a dystopian world in which everybody lives purely for pleasure. Books are outlawed as they create conflict, and firemen are not employed to stop fires, but to start fire and burn down books. People do not bother spending time to read books, enjoy nature, or take time to think about the world around them. Instead, they enjoy pure entertainment with giant television sets all over their homes.


The title refers to a rough estimate of the temperature paper catches fires and burns in, which I think is very interesting, as the idea of ‘burning’ becomes a […]

Icefire by Chris d’Lacey

Icefire by Chris d’Lacey is a book set in the 21’st century with mythological dragons made out of clay. The main character is a geography student living in a house with a lady and her daughter their profession is making dragons out of clay and selling them. While making a new dragon David (the main character) says, “They are out of proportion surely?” “he looks like he is wearing baseball gloves. Why are they so big?” (10) I really liked this quote because it shows a bit of humour and it has descriptive words. It also sets the thought for […]

Gone- Lisa Mcmann

I am reading the book Gone by Lisa Mcmann which is the third book in the series. In this book someone significant comes into her life changing everything and she finds out many things about her family that she never knew before. “Henry Feingold. Janie says. the name sounds empty. It has no meaning to her. It doesn’t sound like what she imagined her fathers name would be.” This quote is on page 32. I think this is important to the book because it shows you about how much she knows about her father and the significant figure who comes […]

Paper Towns

Paper Towns by john green is a fiction novel with bits of many different genres, like: mystry,adventure,love and comedy. It is written in the main charactor Quentin’s point of view, there fore the language used in the book is casual and rebel teenage like. I started reading paper towns because i just finished reading another book ‘the fault in our tars’ by the same author, John Green. And his books are not just more high school cliche love stories. I have only read half of the book but it is pretty amazing.

Till where i’ve read, this is what the […]

DEAR Journal Entry

The book is called The Turning by Tim Winton. It is a collection of short stories.

The following quote is from a story called On My Knees, about a maltreated housewife from the perspective of her son. The “she” in this quote is a member of the family hiring her. From page 104, paragraph 8:

Actually, this is about a woman, Mum. What kind of person accuses you of stealing, gives you the sack and then asks you back for one week while she looks for somebody to replace you?

I chose this quote because it emphasizes the irrationality and […]

Little Brother

Little Brother is a book, written by Cory Doctorow, about a 17 year old hacker (marcus) from san francisco that is in the wrong place at the wrong time. After a bomb blows up the bridge, him and his friends are suspected of playing a part in the attack. So far this book is packed full of excitement and tension, also the hacker side of things is really interesting – It is more for people who like explosions and action in general. “Finally, i was peed out and cryed out and the guy was pounding at the door.” This quote […]

Angels and Demons – Dan Brown

Angels and demons by Dan Brown is a book based on the secret society called the illuminati, religion and science. The scientist Leonardo Vetra and his daughter, Maximilian Kohler found a way to find and contain antimatter in a vacuum tight container that works with electricity, I’m not exactly sure. If the antimatter touches any normal matter it will explode with the force of many nuclear bombs, the more antimatter, the more power the explosion has.

The illuminati end up killing Leonardo to allow access to the anti matter and because he was a man of God. His daughter and […]

Dear journey entry

Friends forever


I started reading this book a week ago and i am a third of my way through this book. Friends forever is written in the third persons point of view about these kids who met on the first day of kindergarden. As the story progresses, the writer talks about all the kids as they grow older. I believe many people will be able to relate to the story because the book includes many typical points of view. There is six kids who are all best friends and stuck together throughout all the tough times. They all grow […]

Game of Thrones

over the summer i have read the noval a Game of Thrones. this book consists of many genres e.g. adventure action and even romance. so it is a good book for anybody with a good range of vocabulary. in the first book two of the familys collide with each other due to the execution of the father of the stark family king edd who was serving as head of the king, and he was executed by the lanasters starting a brutal conflict between the two familys. But other than war the book contains mythical creatures such as dragons and white […]


Over the Summer holidays I read a book called wake by Lisa Mcmann. Nothing is scarier than being pulled into someones nightmare. Thats whats happening to Janie now she’s 17 years old and goes to a school called Fielridge high school. She has an alcoholic mother who is never there for her therefore she spends all her free time in an elderly home. Her best friend is called Carrie, they do lots together and is there for her more than her mother is. Carrie has another best friend called Melinda. Melinda is rich and hates Janie without a doubt.

If […]


I have read a wide range of books and series however I have only gone back and re-read 3-4 of those series. Eragon is included in one of those series. It is written by Christopher Paolini and is set in a mythological place named Alagaesia. The genres of this book are almost identical to the ones that would be ideal to me. Fantasy, adventure, action, mythological and a bit of dungeons and dragons. Ironically that is part of the plot. A small village farm boy, Eragon, who lives in the remote area’s of a mountain range called the Spine, one […]

dear presentation


Over the summer i read Ungifted;is a book about a boy named Donavan Curtis.Donavan is preserved as a very naughty and mischievous kid.He is also portrait as quite stupid until one day he is accidentally moved to the gifted students program by the headmaster who was actually giving him into trouble.In the end he is caught and is given into a lot of trouble.

i think this book is targeted at people my age because most of the characters are my age and is in a school-like setting.i would recommend this book to readers who are less […]

The Maze Runner review.

The maze runner by James Dashner is a dystopian fiction novel, also contains bits of romance and adventure. It is written in the third-person’s(narrator’s) prespective. This is the first book in the triology, although there is a fourth book. I would recommend it to people who are into fiction writing, and will not be EXTREMLY disappointed by a tragic ending. The story has lots and lots of twists and the plotline can sometimes be unclear, because there are many things going on all at once. But overall it’s a great book.

The storys talked about a bunch of boys who […]

Of mice and men contains four topics: American Dream, racism, women’s right and migrant workers. During Steinbeck, the writer’s time, everyone believed in the American dream that rarely came true. Racism was at its worst, women were treated as property and mostly used for sexual pleasure and the amount of migrant workers could have filled up the whole of china.


The novel is about two migrant workers who moved around and tried to get a job. The story was based during the Great Depression; thus the two migrants, George and Lennie, believed in the American Dream. George and Lennie’s […]

The Fault in our Stars – John Green

The fault in our stars by john green was a sad yet enjoyable, realistic-fiction book. It is about two cancer patients, Gus and Hazel who meet in a support group for other cancer patients. As the book progresses, they begin to fall in love.

At one point, Gus gives up his wish (a “gift” from the make a wish foundation which allows them to get one wish, it can be anything) for Hazel to go to the Netherlands and meet her author however, it doesn’t end well.

Later on, Gus begins to become more and more sick. Eventually, he dies […]

DEAR: Presentation

Over the summer I read a series of books. My favourite book that I read is Percy Jackson: Lightning thief. It is about Percy who’s father is the God of the sea. His mum is a human, which makes him a demi-god. I enjoyed reading this book because it has my favourite genres; Fantasy and adventure. Readers that would like this book are readers who enjoy reading about fantasy and adventure because Percy and his friends go on many adventures through out the book series. Readers that wouldn’t enjoy reading this book are those who like reading about romance or […]

DEAR book task

I’m sorry it’s late. During my holidays, I read very little but I enjoyed the Percy Jackson series, by Rick Riordan. The book I liked most was Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, the second in the series, but I am trying to read through the full series. The idea used throughout the Percy Jackson series is that various places and concepts from Greek mythology move with the centre of Western civilization, which in the book is the United States. In Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, Percy ventures through the Sea of Monsters, a.k.a. the Bermuda Triangle, […]


“Wool” by Hugh Howey is a book I enjoy a lot because of its very interesting dystopian themes used throughout the book. The book belongs in the genre dystopian fiction, as it describes a future dystopian society in which people live in a giant underground silo.

The environment outside the silo is polluted – the atmosphere is toxic and and the land is ruined by human activity. The 144-story silo is roughly spit in to three parts, the mechanics and farmers at the bottom, the IT department in the middle, and important people such as the president on the top. […]

My Summer Reading

One Seriously Messed-Up Week: in the Otherwise Mundane and Uneventful Life of Jack Samsonite written by Tom Clempson. This book is often compared to the inbetweeners series however i found this book surprisingly tamer than the Inbetweeners, which is a good thing, because I don’t think they should be compared, as they are both different and originally brilliant in their own ways. Our hero of the book Sam Taylor, who has renamed himself Jack Samsonite for his school project, has three aims for the week. Firstly he needs to study to pass his GSCE’s which are coming up soon. Secondly, […]

June 15 DEAR Journal

I have started reading a book called Ender’s game by Orson Scott Card. This book is sci-fi novel about things that occur to a little boy named Peter, Valentine, and Enders Wiggin. They are all smart and talented. However they are bit abnormal humans. They get trained right after they are born. Though they are young and weak, they go through all the tough training-just like an army. What they are aiming for is to defeat the creatures from outer space. I thought it was ironical that they did not ever disobey or been rude to their commander. Young kids […]

DEAR June 15th

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Lord of the Flies is definitely the best novel my brother offered me, it’s also the best novel I’ve read. I really liked it due to its brilliantly put together story plot and characters. I also liked it cause it’s the only book that made me read it over and over again.

The dystopian story is about the struggle of survival and man power after recovering from a plane crash in a remote island in the Pacific. The survivors are only middle childhood boys. The main characters consist of Ralph, probably the most […]

DEAR ‘The Color Purple’ by Alice Walker

I have started reading ‘The Color Purple’ by Alice Walker. This book is set in rural Georgia in America during the 1930s. It tells the tale of the life of Celie, a young black African American girl, through a series of letters she writes to God. Celie faces abuse, rape and domestic violence and this book tells these issues explicitly to the reader so as to emphasise the life of poor, black women at the time (their low position in American culture). The quote I have chosen is taken from the part of the novel when Harpo’s girlfriend, Squeak, has […]

June 15th Journal Entry – The Year Of Living Biblically

The Year Of Living Biblically: One Man’s Humble Quest To Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible by A.J. Jacobs is a book in which the author is writing about his adventurous year of following most of the laws of the Bible for a year. It is hard to choose a favourite quotation form the whole book as there are many interesting and meaningful quotations to choose from, but my most thought about phrase is,

“. . . my obsession with gratefulness. I can’t stop. Just now, I press the elevator button and am thankful that it arrives quickly. I […]

May 15th DEAR Post – Insurgent

Previously in my last DEAR post Tris and her group were welcomed to stay in the Amity sector to hide themselves from the Erudites. Now the Erudites and a few enslaved Dauntless found the escaped group and started shooting them. Once again they manage to escape despite the losses on the way.

“Tobias turns toward me. “What was that, Tris?” he says. “What?” I say, and I am ashamed of how weak my voice sounds. I don’t know whether he’s talking about Peter or what came before or something else. “You froze! Someone was about to kill you and you […]

May 15th DEAR post

Death Cure by James Dashner

I’ve recently finished reading Death Cure. Death Cure is the third book in the Maze Runner Trilogy written by Jams Dashner.

The entire Trilogy is about children being used as test subjects as part of a trail ran by the company ‘WICKED’. The test began when a new disease that goes by the name of ‘Flare’ began an international pandemic. Children were randomly selected by WICKED as part of their research in search of a cure, hence the title of the novel. Thomas, the main character, and a few hundred other test subjects find […]

DEAR: “Feed” by M.T. Anderson

I have finished the entertaining novel, “Feed”. I did not write a middle entry journal, because I have already finished it in less than one month. The book “Feed” is not a novel I would expect myself to read. I have never heard of this novel until I was introduced to it by the librarian. This novel is about the future, and how a transition device is transmitted into your brain. You can virtually talk to the people around you with thinking words. It is science fiction, and has sci-fi and very little romance (did not see that coming). I […]

May 15 DEAR Journal

I am currently reading a book called “To kill a mocking bird” by Harper Lee. The story happens in America. In 1930s, severe racism existed between Anglo and others. Also a big economic depression raid on. Everyone was undergoing a hard time in their life. This book is about one family living in the 1930s. Dad, Atticus, is a famous lawyer. He works for the Alabama. He has two children- Jem, the older brother and Scout the younger sister. Jem is now undergoing puberty, so he is quite offensive to the society. His sister Scout is a young girl, who […]

May 16th DEAR journal entry.

The book thief is by Markus Zusak, who has created a very thought-provoking novel. The story is narrated by death itself. Liesel (Main Character of book) is experiencing tough times as its based in 1939, this being the beginning of the holocaust. Liesel alongside her mother and brother(Werner) are being taken to the small town of Molching, just outside of Munich, Germany, to live with foster parents Hans and Rosa Hubermann. when riding on the train, Werner suddenly dies of random causes. Liesel and her mother are shocked and dont know what to do. They face a build up of […]

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