DEAR- The Return of the King

“The Return of the King” is written by J.R.R Tolkien and is the final part of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It continues on the journey of Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee to destroy the Ring of Power while Men,Dwarves, Elves and Ents unite to fight the armies of the Dark Lord. I have fallen in love with the series and it makes me very happy.

“What do you fear, my lady?” [Aragorn] asked.

“A cage,” [Éowyn] said. “To stay behind bars, until use and old age accept them, and all chance of doing great deeds is gone […]

February 2nd DEAR Journal – The Scorch Trials

The Scorch Trails is the second book in the series ‘The Maze Runner’. Last weekend I watched the film of the first book since it was recently produced. I haven’t read the first book yet since i watched the movie already; I was really eager to continue the story hence I read the second book.

Within the second book, though not as accelerating as the first story, it was still extremely nerve recking. The book started off where the first book finished. They had successfully escaped from the maze, where some of the Gladers had stayed for up to three […]

“The Perks of Being a Wallflower” DEAR Entry Part II

I have kept reading “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephan Chbosky. I think it is a very interesting and distinct book because it is an epistolary novel (meaning that is composed of letters or diary entries). In this case, the author uses letters in the form of diary entries as medium for the main character, Charlie, to tell his life and feelings. This story is about the events that happent throughout his freshman year. The following quotation is contained in one of the letters in which he reflects on his day and the feelings brought about with it:


Jan 15 DEAR post

At the moment I have been reading the book, the making of a SAS solider, which I have been really enjoying. The previous book I read was also about a SAS solider, but I am enjoying this one a lot more.

The previous book I read had a lot more content of the writers family life. But this book is really based on how he got into the army and how he prepared and coped with his new living environment.

The reason I enjoy reading these kinds of books is because it is based on a true story. It’s a […]


I have just recently finished reading The Bloods of Olympus which is the fifth book in the series, “Heroes of Olympus”. The author is Rick Riordan who is the author of the popular series, Percy Jackson and The Kane Chronicles. The series is a sequel to Percy Jackson. It falls under the category of mystery, adventure, coming of age. It is the final book in the series. The 7 hero’s, Annabeth, Percy, Leo, Frank, Piper, Hazel and Jason, go on their final journey to battle the Giants in attempt to stop the mother earth, Gaea, from waking/rising from her slumber. […]

”The Perks of Being a Wallflower” DEAR entry

After quitting the book “Leviathan” because of its lack of humour and a storyline I found to be very uninteresting, I turned to “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky. I have only read about a fourth of the book, upon which I came across a humorous and important section. In this part, the main character Charlie, described as a wallflower is at a party thrown by his high school peers. On page 35, an amusing conversation occurs after accidentally eating a drug-containing brownie:

“What would you like to drink?”

“A milkshake.”

And everyone in the room, except […]

DEAR Post: The Scorch Trials.

The sun is getting closer to the Earth.

Earth’s civilians were getting infected by a disease named the Flare.

A lethal infection.

Notice – Spoilers ahead

The Scorch Trials is the second installment in James Dashner’s award-winning Maze Runner trilogy. The book describes the Glader’s survival through their adventure into and out of the Scorch. Thomas, a 16-year-old teenager suffering from artificial amnesia, leads the Gladers through the blazing Scorch along with Minho and Newt.

Before they embark on the journey, a man, known as the Rat man, reaches out to them. Threatens them, and uses the cure for the […]

january 15th dear post

recently i have been reading a book called ‘mud,sweat and tears. the book is a autobiography about a man named bear grylls. it starts off at his childhood talking about where he grew up and his family, then onto when he was a young adult and then his career in the Sas army.this book tells us a lot about his life and how he became famous for is a very interesting book and isn’t very complicated but hard enough for a challenge making it a good read.

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A Thousand Splendid Suns – Journal Entry

Written by Afghan-American author Khaled Hosseini, A Thousand Splendid Suns is a daunting novel that gives its reader an insight into the barbarous lives of the Afghans – the discrimination, social inequality, gender inequality, political issues and countless more. It unravels the simple nature of human beings; that life circumstances may alter people’s characteristics, thoughts, and social standings. The book spans a period of over fifty years, from the 1960s to 2003 and focuses on the lives and relationships of two Afghan women – Mariam and Laila. Albeit Mariam and Laila start off being the worst of enemies, after living […]

January 15th DEAR Journal

The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger tells the tale of Clare and Henry, a time traveler. Henry suffers from a rare genetic anomaly that causes him to live his life on a shifting timeline, back and forth through his lifespan with no control. Clare believed that Henry and her are destined for each other despite the fact she never knows when they’ll be separated.

Clare met Henry when she was six years old in a clearing near her family home, however, Henry only met Clare when he was twenty-eight and Clare was twenty. Due to him being a prisoner […]

DEAR – Looking for Alaska

January 15 blog post

In ‘Looking for Alaska‘, John Green constructs a world of love, suffering, and friendship. It is the story of a sixteen/seventeen year old boy who, Pudge, who goes to boarding school “to seek a great perhaps”. Back in his old school, Pudge did not have any friends, so he had no hope for himself in his new boarding school, Culver Creek. When Pudge gets there, he finds hope after all when he meets his roommate, the Colonel, who becomes his best friend. He also becomes friends with Takumi and Alaska, the Colonel’s friends. Pudge finds that […]

The Maze Runner – Dear Post 15/1/15

Lately I’ve started to read “The Maze Runner”. A book about a boy who has entered Glade filled with only boys. Glade, is a small area protected by large walls that open in the morning and close at night to protect them from Grievers out in the Maze. Thomas, the boy is about 16 years old and has no memory of his past life, how he got there, he remembers nothing apart from his name. Each month a new boy appears just like Thomas did each week food supplies appears, but the Gladers; the name of the people living in […]

DEAR- The colossus rises

The colossus rises is first book of the Seven Wonders series, it is about a group of kids that have connection to the mystical ancient civilization of Atlantis, they are physically and mentally better than the average human , however they have a short live span. In order to prevent them from dying they are forced to go on mission to find clues about their heritage. The book contains slight humor and mystery just like other adventure series.

Although I quite enjoyed this book, I wouldn’t read the rest of the series as it isn’t challenging. For casual reader that […]

DEAR – Where She Went

I have recently finished reading Where She Went by Gayle Forman. It is the second and final book after If I Stay (the story being from Mia’s point of view). In this second book, it is narrated by Adam, Mia’s boyfriend, who was left to pick up the pieces of his broken heart. (Spoilers) nevertheless, they get back together as always. Adam Wilde is now a rockstar in the band Shooting Stars. They were always close friends but because of one mistake, everything was washed away. I did not like the ending of this book however, it terminated in the […]

The Fault In Our Stars

I am currently reading the book “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green. This book is about a 16 years old girl named Hazel who has lung cancer goes to a cancer support group and meets the love of her life: Augustus Waters. The book includes love, romance, sadness and heartbreaking events. My favourite quote of this book is

“As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly and then all at once.”

This line was said by Hazel. I love this line because I think this is the most creative way of describing someone […]

Cell by Stephen King

Cell by Stephen King is a thriller about Clayton Riddell, an artist from Maine, attempting to reunite his son after an apocalyptic event. It started when a mysterious signal called ‘The Pulse’ is sent around the world through the cell network, causing anyone with a phone in that moment go insane. The streets become chaotic as the so called “phoners” become animalistic from the mysterious signal.

Riddell wasn’t near a phone so he was fine however the phoners in Boston were attacking anyone they could get their hands on, including the non-infected. Amidst the chaos, Riddell joins up with two […]

DEAR: Leviathan

An alternate-universe epic trilogy set pre-WW1, Scott Westerfield crafts two perspectives to the battlefield – Aleksander (Clanker) and Deryn (Darwinist). The alternate-storyline and alternate-universe duo for a great and thrilling adventure throughout alternate-Europe. Did I mention alternate? Yes, I believe I did. Although geographically faithful to the past, technology wise could not be anymore different. There are the Clankers at one end, reminiscent of the Axis despite the that fact they wage war in giant high-tech war machines. And on the other end of the theoretical spectrum lies the Darwinists, believers of Charles Darwin who somehow magically wove […]

No Rest For The Wicked

No Rest For The Wicked is an unpublished book which I read recently. The author wishes to stay anonymous.

It starts with a Sam, Dean’s brother, joining the FBI. In celebration of him solving his first case, they go out for dinner with the rest of the team. Dean decides to leave the restaurant to start up the car and let it heat up. However, when the rest of the team follows him a minute later, they see him getting dragged into the back of a van. They are too late to save him.

As the story continues, Sam and […]

The Giver (Dec 15th)

The Giver is a book I’ve been reading recently, written by Lois Lowry. In this “utopian” world, everybody is equal. During birth, every baby will be checked for anomalies, as soon as they discover it, they would be “sent”away; every day, everybody will inject themselves with a dose of chemicals, that makes everybody unable to dream, unable to see in color, unable to sense fear, love, guilt, or jealousy.

People in this world does not understand fear, they do not understand war, they do not understand love. But one. The person who knows is known as the Giver. Each year, […]

DEAR: Thirteen Reasons Why

Over the holidays i read more than one book, but this particular one caught my attention. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is a book that will change anyone’s life.The story is of a 16 year old girl, Hannah, who committed suicide but that’s not the sentimental part; before her death, she recorded 13 cassette tapes of the thirteen reasons why she killed herself. Each reason is about a different person, but some people appear twice on the tapes. The tapes are first mailed to the first person on the tape, Justin, Hannah’s first kiss. Then, Justin had to mail […]

Wave – Journal Entry

Written by Sonali Deraniyagala, Wave is a heartbreaking memoir that recounts the author’s encounter of a nearly unfathomable tragedy – losing her husband, sons and parents in the 2004 tsunami – with grief. The memoir further narrates the author’s life before the tsunami, as well as her attempts and failures to cope with the event’s aftermath in the following years. The memoir commences with Sonali’s family vacationing on the coast of Sri Lanka on an ordinary day, only to realize that the ocean looked a little closer to the hotel room than usual. Oblivious to the rising waves, her family […]

DEAR- Let It Snow

Let It Snow if in fact three short stories in one book written by Maureen Johnson, John Green and Lauren Myracle. All three stories are set in the same place, all happen around the same days and are all winter love stories. A Christmas Eve snowstorm transforms one small town into a romantic haven, the kind you see in cheesy movies. The stories are different yet intertwine with each other. Only at the end things start to make sense, you find unexpected characters in one story then the next is about that one character. The first story is about a […]

DEAR : Catching Fire

Throughout the holidays I have been enjoying reading the second book in the series “Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collin. This book in the victors from the 74th annul hunger games thought they had finally got peace from the capital, but little do they know that they have to enter the Games again, due to the fact that the Capital wants to keep things fresh, so they select all the victors from all the 12 districts.

Snow, the President of the Capital doesn’t believe that Catniss and Peeta’s love is real, so tells Catniss to make him believe that their love […]

DEAR JOURNAL – 1st of January 2015


Written by Gillian Flynn, Gone girl is a serious page turner. The story is sickening and shows the darkest part of humanity. Nick Dunne and his wife, Amy, moves from New York City to North Carthage; Nick’s childhood home. They’re marriage was held together by a thin thread, however, they both act as if everything is fine between them. Even Nick’s twin sister, Margo, whom he is very close to did not suspect that something was wrong. Nick finds it troubling knowing that his wife would be dissatisfied with him even before he steps into the house hence […]

DEAR- The Hobbit

I have finished re-reading ‘The Hobbit’ by J.R.R Tolkien in anticipation of the third and final movie adaptation which has been renamed ‘The Battle of the Five Armies’.

It is a 305 page story of a hobbit, a small person about half the height of people, who embarks on an adventure with Gandalf the Grey, a wizard, and a group of dwarves who are on a journey to the Lonely Mountains where a dragon viciously guards a mountain of gold and treasures.

I think it is one of those books that everyone should read once in their lives. I would […]

DEAR: The Fault in our Stars

Ah yes, the coming of age action-adventure comedy-drama tragedy-romance realistic-fiction thriller novel that sparked widespread critical acclaim across the globe presented to you by the brilliant writer, John Green. His sixth and arguably best book brings to life a dauntingly real depiction of an everyday teenage life – with a mix of cancer.

Ever since the beginning of the first page, readers are brought into the 16 year-old mind of one Hazel Grace Lancaster – a seemingly normal teenager – save for the fact that she has suffered through a life long battle of thyroid cancer. She’s a ‘professional sick […]

Odd Hours – Journal Entry

Over the past few days, I began reading the novel “Odd hours”, written by Dean Koontz. The thriller novel is set in an obscure town in Pico Mundo, and the protagonist has the extraordinary ability to communicate with the dead. While taking a stroll one morning, the protagonist comes across a woman whom he had been repeatedly seeing in his dreams. However, their encounter has been cut short by the pursuit of three strangers, which he is assaulted and nearly gets murdered.

I particularly liked the evocative description of the ocean at the beginning of the novel: “The Pacific was […]

Peril at End House – Dear Journal

I am currently reading a crime and detective fiction novel called Peril at end House, written by Agatha Christie. Personally, i think she is one of the best detective novel writer in history.Once you think you know who is the murderer, Christie will always find a way to deceive what you think. The quote i have chosen is part of a discussion between the retired detective, Mr. Poirot, and his “sidekick”, Mr, Hastings.

“What a suspicious old devil you are!” (55)

This quote is quite short, but has a powerful meaning to it. In the situation, Poirot is investigating an […]

DEAR: Paper Town

I have just finished reading Paper towns by John green and I must say I loved it, just like any other John Green book. He creates such funny and entreaging stories. I would not recommend this book to readers who like a lot of action and drama, although there is some drama going on. This book is mostly for people who enjoy reading stories about ordinary people with not-so-ordinary lives. Paper Towns is about a young mysterious girl who just wants to escape reality, she does this by running away and leaving clues behind, however always comes back. Will she […]

The Hunger Games; Catching Fire

Over the holidays, I have been enjoying re-reading The second book of the series Hunger Games, where Katniss Everdeen the winner of last years hunger games has been selected to attend the 75th annual Hunger Games, where participants of earlier winners come together and fight the same arena. The Hunger games is like a reality show where all 12 districts have participants to attend. Peeta Mellark which is one of 2 men that have won the hunger games before, he enters the 75th hunger games with Katniss, they are the participants from district 12. The pair of them are supposed […]

Vampire Academy

I have recently finished a book called “Vampire Academy” by Richelle Mead. This book is about two teenagers girls: Rose Hathaway and Princess Vasilisa Dragomir. Rose Hathways is dhampir (half human and half vampire) guardian in training (trained to protect Moroi (good vampires who control special abilities) and kill strigoi (bad vampire who drink to kill). These two teenagers are best friend and developed an special bond. There are enemies who seek to harm the princess and throughout the book Rose protects Lisa and tries to find the enemy.

Readers who like fiction and vampires would like this book. I […]

Twist and Shout – Gabriel

Twist and Shout is a currently unpublished book by Gabriel set in 1965.

It starts at a party in which bad boy, Dean Winchester, crashes. After that, Castiel Novak, who was at the party leaves by foot to his apartment only to be picked up by Dean’s. Their love blossoms until one day Dean is deployed to Vietnam for the war, leaving Cas to his studies.

When he returns, he is a changed man. Dean doesn’t leave the apartment for weeks, falling into a constant state of depression. After a few weeks of isolation, Dean leaves the apartment, leaving Castiel […]

Prophecy of the Sisters

I am currently reading a book called “Prophecy of the sisters” by Michelle Zink. This book is about a pair of twin sisters Lia and Alice Milthorpe who had become orphans. They discover their roles in a prophecy, which turned them into enemies.

The opening two sentences of this book caught my attention.


“Perhaps because it seems so appropriate, I don’t notice the rain. It falls in sheets, a blanket of silvery thread rushing to the hard almost-winter



These two sentences are describing said from Lia’s point of view. She is attending her father’s funeral. The way […]

The Uninvited – Dear Journal

For the past few weeks, I have been reading “The Uninvited” by Tim Wynne-Jones, only recently have i completed this book. This book is a mystery thriller and it is set in south Canada around the countryside. The main reason I admired the author is the way he builds up tension throughout the chapters. Even though beginning the stalker was already known to us from the beginning, it still has some unexpected suspense and tension in certain chapters. It is written well enough to have me sweat and feel tense during times.

december dear post

Recently I have started to read maze runner .I think that it is a very intresting and a good book to read.There is a lot of suspense and tension throughout the book mostly when the gate won’t close.I think that it is a good book for people around my age to read due to the fact of there not being to much complicated part but still hard enough to challenge the reader a the story the plot is mainly about a group of people who live in this maze that is guarded by gates that close at night to […]

December 1st DEAR journal

Lately I’ve been reading the novel, ‘The rise of nine’ by Pittacus Lore. It is the third novel in The Lorien Legacies. The novel includes a mixture of romance, science-fiction and adventurous. Through-out the first two novels in the series, the main characters John Smith, Sarah, Number Six and Sam battles against the Mogadorians as they desperately tries to gather the rest of the Garde before its too late. The Garde is the small group of nine Loric survivors who had escaped to Earth, away from the Mogadorians who had taken over their plant. I have only just started the […]

Dear Journal Entry – Percy Jackson:

Lately, I have been reading Percy Jackson, Titians Curse. I have finished it quite some time ago and I found it very interesting. In The Titan’s Curse Percy Jackson’s friend Annabeth and Artemis, who is a goddess of hunting, and they both get kidnapped. They stay at a place called Camp Half blood. An oracle speaks a prophecy which states a group of five have to go on a mission to look for artemis. Percy isn’t chosen into the group. Instead Bianca, Zoe, Thalia, Phoebe and Grover get sent on the search. Percy is eager to join the quest so […]

December Dear Journal

Lately i have been rereading the book called ‘The Easy Day Was Yesterday’ by Paul Jordan. I am really enjoying this book at the moment because it gives you a inside of what happens to a soldier. This book is an auto-biography about how Paul Jordan was arrested and was kept hostage for three years in and around Asia. Paul Jordan shares his experiences when he was a child growing up, fighting in the wars, the dirty jails he was thrown in and how he was tortured. The reason i like this book so much is because it shows me […]

DEAR journal – Paper Towns

The novel begins with a backstory about Quentin (the protagonist) and Margo’s relationship from when they were young. Both grew up together, yet still disconnected. One night, Margo is in for an adventure but to his surprise, asks Quentin to join her. Soon enough Margo is missing. Margo is this mysterious girl everyone wants to know, and everyone thinks they know her. On the contrary, they are conscious of nothing but little of her.

Margo always loved mysteries. And in everything that came afterward, I could never stop thinking that maybe she loved mysteries so much that she became one.” […]

Journal Entry – Between Shades of Gray

Written by Ruta Septeys, Between Shades of Gray is by far one of the best books i have every read. In terrifying detail, Ruta creates a World War two story that is you’ll never forget. The novel is set in 1941, during the Second World War. The atrocities of Hitler are well known all around the world, but few know the story of Joseph Stalin and how he killed over 20 million people in the time period of terror.

The novel is a historian fiction that delineates the story of a fifteen-year-old girl from Lithuania who is preparing for art […]

Northanger Abbey (Jane Austen) – Journal Entry

“No one who had ever seen Catherine Morland in her infancy, would have supposed her born to be an heroine” (page 22). As the opening of Northanger Abbey, the narrator introduces Catherine Morland as the protagonist and begins taking the reader on the heroine’s riveting, labyrinthine and mysterious journey of life. I have chosen this quotation because the openings and endings of novels are usually the lines that convey significant meanings and spark questions in the reader’s mind. In which the significance of this opening is to present the reader to the protagonist of the novel and arouse interest in […]

DEAR: The Girl who Played with Fire

Only Stieg Larsson would be able to craft the compelling masterpiece know as “The Girl who Played with Fire”. The crime and mystery thriller that built suspense with each page, woven with delicately placed details mixed with intricately written dialogue left me wanting for more. Good thing it’s the second book in a trilogy. To put it frankly, the books good. Very good. Excellent in fact, to the point where it actually has been made into a movie. The suspense is what hooked me on, and the eventual unraveling of all the answers to the seemingly endless conspiracy was enough […]

Dear: Inferno

I’ve been reading ‘Inferno’ by Dan Brown recently. It is about Robert Langdon, a professor of symbology, trying to find out what happened during the days when he was blacked out; at the same time, uncovering the truths to a secret plan on reducing human population. This book includes not only italian history from the 1500s, also relates them to concerns the world is facing now, e.g. over population. The link between the two seemingly unrelated things is ‘Inferno’, or in other word, ‘hell’. Botticelli’s painting of hell is based on Dante’s description. It is the first image of hell […]

DEAR journal – If I Stay

I have just finished the book If I Stay by Gayle Forman. It is actually quite a short book compared to everything else I read but it is great. If I Stay in the first book of two with a sequel Where She Went. I really enjoyed the book as it fiction but isn’t anything abnormal… well not exactly. It sure does have some mystery and something a little abnormal but that’s what makes it such a good book, its normal but not quite.

If I Stay is about a teenager who has to deal with difficult choices and life […]

DEAR Journal Entry – Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)

Written by George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) is one of the most intriguing yet appalling novels I have ever came upon. The novel depicts a dystopian society where every single action of its citizens is being monitored through the use of technology, even their conversations are secretly recorded, unknowingly. Daunting posters of the ruling Party’s seemingly omniscient leader – a figure known as Big Brother – are found everywhere, and often followed with the slogan “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU”. The official slogans of the party are associated with the indoctrination of its citizens, which they are: “War is peace”, […]

“Breaking Dawn” – Stephanie Meyer

Breaking Dawn fits into the genre paranormal romance and young adult fiction. This is the fourth book in the Twilight Saga. The book is divided into three parts from two different narrators. The first part from Bella’s point of view, where she gets married and goes on her honeymoon with her new husband, Edward. Soon, Bella finds out that she is pregnant with a half human, half vampire child. They get in contact with Carlisle, who confirms she is pregnant. But the baby is growing ant an unnaturally accelerated rate. Part two is from Jacob’s point of view, Bella’s werewolf […]

DEAR Journal – Looking for Alaska

I am currently reading Looking for Alaska by John Green. The book is narrated from Miles Halter’s point of view, the main character. Miles sets out on a quest to find his “Great Perhaps”. Deciding that he isn’t going to find it in Florida, he makes the decision to leave his family and attend Culver Creek Boarding School, in Alabama. There Miles finds his nickname Pudge, a prank master as a roommate and a girl named Alaska Young. A different, unique and mysterious girl. She’s wonderful, terrible all together, yet falling apart and Miles can’t help but fall for her. […]

Dear Journal – Breaking Dawn

Braking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer is the fourth and final noel in the Twilight series. The book talks about a vampire, Edward Cullen, who has fallen in love with Bella Swan, a normal human. They get married, go on their honeymoon and end up having a child. To understand this quote, a little both of background information on the characters is needed. Charlie and Renée are Bella’s birth parents but they got divorced when Bella was a child. Renée remarried and her new husband is Phil.

” The las image i registered was one of my parents. Phil had both […]

Matched by Ally Condie

I am presently reading a book called Matched by Ally Condie. Matched is a very interesting book. This book is about a girl who is living her life and waiting to be matched. Matched with her soon to be perfect other half. This quote is set on a banquet on her very special night were she finds the perfect boy for her which society chooses. They receive a micro chip card which contains information about the boy who they are going to spend the rest of their life with.

“A girl in a green dress stands waiting, her heart pounding. […]

The Bar Code Prophecy – Suzanne Weyn

The The Bar Code Prophecy is a dystopian book set in the future where everyone has a small barcode tattooed somewhere visible on their body, hence the name. It is the third book in a trilogy called Barcode. Every barcode is different for each person and has their personal information on it. They can use it as a credit card as well.

It starts as the main character, Grace Morrow, comes home only to find her adoptive parents missing and her house surrounded by a group of police called Global 1, the company in charge of the barcode tattoos. She […]

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