The Importance of Music to me

Everyday, music stays with us. It is not surprising to see a lots of students with their earphones on nowdays. Music industry have developed significantly over the years and now thousands of people can enjoy listening to music and approach it in few seconds. But many just enjoys it and not think about the importance of music and why they like it. I have several reasons why I like music and why it is so important to me.

Firstly, music changes my mood and myself. There is different geners in the music such as ballad, hip hop and pop songs. [...]

Dear (People’s Republic)_HJ

I have read 416 pages of People’s Republic by Robert Muchamore which is one of the Cherub series. The main theme of this book is friendship. The writer uses characterization to develop the main theme of the book.

In the book, the agents in Cherub has similar family background. So they get a long well together. Main characters team up to achieve difficult tasks that could never be done without helping each other out. This scenes shows true friendships and trust between the characters. For example, there was one mission where the main character, Ryan have to find a girl [...]


Oscar Wilde uses characterization to suggest that Gwendoline’s personaliy resembles of her mother. They are both ridiculous and their thinking of marriage is different what normal people would think. “To minor matters, Are your parents living?” Lady Braknell says this when she interviews Jack. This is ridiculous because asking about if his parents are living or not is not a minor matter, it is one of a major matters. This shows that Lady Braknell has her own major and minor matters which is different to others. “My ideal has always benn to love some one of the name of Ernest. [...]

Boy in striped Pajamas_HJ

The boy in Striped Pajamas by John Boyne is a book which tells the reader how cruel was the situation during World War 2, especially when Nazis decided to kill Jews. This book is about a nine-year-old boy called Bruno. When Bruno returns home from school one day, he discovers that his belongings are being packed in crates by one of the family’s servants. His father has received a promotion and the family must move from their home to a new house far away called Out-With, where there is no one to play with and nothing to do. He has [...]

Noughts and Crosses_HJ

“Noughts and Crosses” by Malorie Blackman is a story about racism. But this book is different to ordinary story about racism because in the book, role of white people and blak people switched. We normally think based on what we learned in history class that black people suffered from racism. However, the main character of the story is a nought(white) whose whole family breaks down because of society full of racism.

Major theme of this book is cruelty of racism. Author uses Callum’s family and relationship between the main characters, Callum and Sophy to show how racism was depressing. Sophy [...]

What makes The Importance of Being Earnest funny?_HJ

“The Importance of Being Earnest” is a humorous play which characters have very ridiculous lines and make fun of upper classes. There are so many ridiculous lines that makes this play humorous. Oscar Wilde uses puns to make the story funny. The title it self is an example of pun. It could mean importance of being earnest (being honest or serious) or importance of being called name of “Earnest”. Oscar Wilde plays with this kind of double-meaning words quite frequently in the play.

Other method he uses to make this play funny is using substitution. This technique makes the play [...]

Custody Of Pumpkin_HJ

The Custody of Pumpkin is a comical short story where is a man named Lord Emsworth seems really ridiculous character. He is very arrogant and acts if he is a child as he often concentrate into some silly things like a cow. He shows his stupidity by complaining about how his telescope doesn’t work while the cap is still on.

‘I’ve been swindled. This dashed thing doesn’t work.’ ‘Your lordship cannot see clearly?’ ‘I can’t see at all, dash it. It’s all black.’ The butler was an observant man. ‘Perhaps if I were to remove the cap at the extremity [...]

“The Fly in the Ointment” _HJ

How does the detail of the fly contribute to our understanding of Harold’s father?

Harold’s father who comes out in “The Fly in the Ointment” by V.S. Pritchett is very mad at money and maintained his business for 30 years. Unfortunately, he bankrupts and spent his last day in his factory with his son, Harold. “Fly in the Ointment” means a small, unpleasant matter spoils something. In the story, a fly flies into the factory and distracts Harold’s father. He shows over reaction about the fly by saying ” I can’t stand flies, you never know where they’ve been.” It [...]

Her First Ball_HJ

“Her First Ball” by Katherine Mansfield make us to feel wonder whether happiness is only an illusion by making Leila to feel every single things around her to look beautiful and elegant, then see the negative factor for her to realize the reality of the ball.

“Listening to the baby owls crying ‘More Pork’ in the moonlight, was changed to a rush of joy so sweet that it was hard to bear alone. She clutched her fan, and, gazing at the gleaming, golden floor, the azaleas, the lanterns, the stage at one end with its real carpet and gilt chairs [...]

The Son’s Veto_HJ

In Son’s Veto by Thomas Hardy, the author tells the reader the details in the story that make the reader to feel sympathy with the mother. Hardy uses description and her son in the story to make us sympathize with her.

Firstly, she is a person who moved up the social tiers by marrying Vicar but she has a difficulty adapting in the high social class. So she easily get scolded by his son because of misuse of grammar. “Has, dear mother- not have!” This makes us to feel sympathy with her because she is criticized by her own son. [...]

Personal Response to At Hiruharama HJ

At Hiruharama by Penelope Fitzgerald very confusing story because there was two characters who’s name was same. It made me to think about lots of questions. Firstly, I began to wonder about who could be the narrator of this story. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any evidence of who could possibly the narrator be. But it was certain that the narrator is a guy who heard the story about Mr. Tanner (main character) and telling the story to us. I noticed this by looking at the fact that story is told in third person. Also third narration shows that this story [...]


Hoot by Carl Wiassen is a bright story which could look like a childish story at first sight but as you read through this book, you can find a hidden lesson that this story gives to the readers. It is well written and there are many different character which adds fun into the book. For example, there is a cop who is a member of detective familly so he eagers to be a detective and he just tries everything he could to earn a high mark from his boss. Unfortunately, he fails because he gets betrayed by the main character [...]

The boy in stripped pajamas_HJ

The boy in stripped pajamas by John Boyne told me about cruel reality of Nazi concentration camp. This was very powerful story because this story is told by a Nazi’s child who is unlikely to have affected by the concentration camp. It was very surprizing for me because I was expecting a Jew who had suffered in concentration camp to tell the inside story of the camp. This story was as memorable as “The diary of Ann Frank”

The main character, bruno is seven year old kid who just moved to a house right next to concentration camp from Berlin. [...]

What I learnt from Romanticism Presentation_HJ

The romanticism presentation was very informative and interesting. There were tons of information and detailed background knowledge of romantic artists. Before I watched the presentation, I wasn’t quite sure about what is romanticism and the difference between realism and romanticism. “Tyger” by William Blake had a great impact on me, because this poem explained almost every key features of romanticism.

I learnt quite a lot of romanticism features from Jesses’s presentation. I heard of “The Sorrows of Young Werther” so his presentation was familiar to me. I learnt that this novel is extremely emotional. It was very interesting to hear [...]

Sandpiper by Ahdaf Soueif_HJ

Personally, Sandpiper was quite boring for me to read, because I couldn’t really understand the story. When I first read this story, I didn’t know what is meaning of “Sandpiper”. Eventhough I learnt the meaing of sandpiper, I still can’t figure out why did the author named this story as “Sandpiper” I really like this story because it explores difference in cultures between men and wife.

This story is about a wife who lives in Egypt, near a beach thinking over what went wrong in her marriage. This is the first story which taught me that difference in culture and [...]

Inside My Head_HJ

“Inside My Head” by Jim Carrington is a very interestiong book which talks about many conflict between a student who gets bullied and other student who is a bully. I loved how author told the story as each of the student’s prospective, which gave me the depth of understanding of how each characters feel differently.

“Inside My Head” is about a boy called gary who gets bullied by his friends everyday because of the fact that he likes to work at a farm. After he punches the bulliers, he just escapes from the school and meet [...]

Book Week_HJ

Dear Suzanne Collins

I recently read your masterpiece “Hunger Game” and I was just inspired by it. I always wanted to write a novel like you which includes exciting events and new imaginations that nobody ever thought of. I am obsessed with the idea of “Hunger Game”. It reminds me of a game in ancient Rome where gladiators fight to their death. The sense of people living in certain districts fitted into this novel. It is because I could feel the tense going on between the competitors from different districts. I think this novel is a new world that you [...]

The Rain Horse_HJ

“The Rain Horse” by Ted Hughes is quite confusing story. It is because there is a lot of difficult vocabularies and meanings that I have no sense of it. This story had mysterious atomosphere that I can not explain.

This story is about young man, who grew up on farm as a child, moved to the city for twelve years. He had wanted to persue a business career, and was very successful in doing so. He lived this life for twelve years, and forgot who he really was. he got so caught up in his life as a business man, [...]

My Greatest Ambition_HJ

“My Greatest Ambition” by Morris Lurie became one of my favourite short story that I recieved from Mr Macknight. This story made me to think about my own dream. I think I am one of the “Dreamers” who dreams to be a doctor and scientist. I really liked the storyline of this, because it was very creative. The adventure of young teenager who trys to be a comic-strip artist caught my attention. I was suprised by the way author used to describe how the boy feels and thinks. It is because Morris Lurie describes the boy’s emotions as he is [...]

A horse and two goats_HJ

“a horse and two goats” by R.K Narayan was very interesting novel. I liked this novel because there was a lot of traditional indian things appeared in this novel which was very informative. I first thought that this novel will be about native american idians because of its title, but I was wrong. This story is about a goat heder who names “Muni” and used to be wealthy. He lives in “Kritam” with poverty. He is told to stay outside and don’t come back to his house until afternoon by his wife. During that time, he try to persuade a [...]

Letter To Paul Graham_HJ

Dear Mr Graham

As I read through this essay, I amazed how wide and deep your knowldge is. This essay was most informative essay I ever read because in this essay, you’ve covered a range of things starting with Fashion, conformist test, heresy and you even talked about “pensieri stretti & il viso sciolto”(means closed thoughts and an open face. Smile at everyone, don’t tell them what you’re thinking). I really like your essay because it has answer to almost every question I thought of before I read this esssay. “What I can’t say” is a essay that makes way [...]

Feather Boy_HJ

Feather Boy by Nicky Singer is a book about one boy called “Robert” who is an outsider finding truth about mystery of “The Chance House”. There is a myth which one boy have committed suicide at the chacne house. Everytime Robert pass the chance house, he smells “fear”. Later, he meets a elderly women called “Edith Sorrel” who is suspected to know about the chance house. As deeper he knows about the mystery, he gets terrifited by the unbelievable truth behind it.

I really liked this book because it was pretty easy to understand and the storyline was keep building [...]

What I learnt from The Merchant of venice_HJ

From Merchant of Venice, I learnt how badly Jews were treated and difference in person’s belief can lead to alienation. I wondered is this right thing to do? Teasing and spitting to a person just because he/she have different belief with me. It was quite odd that no one among christians actually realize what they are doing wrong and step up for the Jews. I felt sorry for the Jews as I watch Shylock get spit by Antonio 5 miniutes after the movie start, if I was Shylock, I would have argued with Antonio. Other big question came through my [...]

The Lightning Thief_HJ

I recently read “The Lightning thief” by Rick Riordan and I felt this could be one of best fantasy book I have read. The story is about a boy from god and human(half blood) call Percy Jackson lose his mom during the fight between monsters and set in a camp for half bloods, later he find out that his missing dad was Poseidon and he get a special quest which was returning lightning sword to the Jeus.

I like this book because there is a lot of author’s imaginary into this book like matching the gods into a person living [...]

Letter To George Orwell_HJ

November 20, 2008

Dear Mr Orwell

I am sending this letter because I am so fascinated by your essay, “Down The Mine”. I never thought of life down the mine even if I am using electricity generated from coal which was gathered from the miners. You have inspired me with your deep, detailed description of the agony of the miners. I wish I could write a brilliant essay like you.

I was surprised when I heard that you actually went down the mine, not interview miners how terrible the condition of the mine is. I think that [...]

PR to Destructors_HJ

I recently read “The Destructors” by Graham Greene. The title of the story was very catchy so I started reading the story with full of excitement. I was more into the story because the characters appearing in the story is simillar age as me. So I could sort of understand the character’s feelings and thoughts. “The Destructors” by Graham Greene is about the gang of boys burning Mr Thomas’s house lead by a boy called Trevor. The author described this leader boy Trevor and his action by using words like “Dark gaze”. It shows that he had a strong power. [...]

PR to the Custody of Pumpkin_HJ

Custody of Pumpkin by P.G Wodehouse is very interesting story. It was interesting how P.G Wodehouse used his range of vocabulary to describe or criticise a particular character. I loved how the author retell the story of a king losing his best servant by his own stupidity into his own style of writing. It was very fresh and catchy idea. The author used a lot of complexed and complicated words that I don’t know in the story so I had a hard time trying to translate into simple english. I found a few bits of humour in this story in [...]

What I learnt from writing the November exams_HJ

I was very nervous when I had an English test in front of me. I was even shocked when I heard that I am having 2 English tests. I learnt many informative techniques from November English test. I learnt how to set my time wisely. I was chased by time so I couldn’t concentrate fully on the exam. I learnt how to organise my time well. I kept looking at the clock while I was writing my essay. That helped me a lot with not stressing out of time. I learnt how to analyze texts in the exam in detail. [...]

Fly In the Ointment_HJ

I recently read “Fly in the ointment” by V.S. Pritchett. This short story came up with a lot of question for me to answer by myself. Basically, the story was about son (Harold) and father’s relationship after the father’s company bankruppts. It was very interesting how the author desribed father and son’s emotion and thinking in detail. The first question came through my mind was who is the main character? In the story, it seems son is the story teller but story tell us more about his father not Harold. It confused me a lot.

The second question I had [...]

Describtive writing_HJ

When I open my private room door woth cracking sound, I can feel smeel of CK perfume swirling through my nose. Everytime I take one step, wooden floor shivers like an earthquake. When I look around, I can see wooden but shiny classical guitar, soft, blue doll and missing piece of my english homework lying on the green and queen-sized bed. The bed stand right on the center of the room which I can jump onto the bed after I swing open the door. My room is covered with plain-white wallpaper, but there is medium sized black paper from my [...]


Happiness by Jane Kenyon made me to wonder about what is happiness’s true meaning. I read through this poem as I contrast with other poem from Jane Kenyon, “otherwise”. I think there is evidence of author wondering by herself to figure out certain thing in the poem. There was two idea of what happiness mean. First one was “there’s just no accounting for happiness or the way it turns up like a prodigal”. Second one was “Happiness is the uncle you never knew about, who flies a single-engine plane onto the grassy landing strip” I liked how Jane Kenyon described [...]


It became one of my favourite poem since “Our other sister”. I liked how the writer Jane Kenyon repeated word “otherwise” few times and describe the setting of the story in detail. It confused me sometimes but it built up it’s own personality of the poem by repeating specific word to emphasise and make the time of setting move smoothly. Choice of vocabulary from the writer was simple so I had no problem understanding the poem. For example, he used simple words like uphill, mate and cereal.The poem felt like a happy person’s life at saturday morning. Word “love” suggests [...]

Her First Ball_HJ

“Her First ball” by Katherine Mansfield was very interesting book to read. This novel was written in young girl’s view and I could see how girls find things unlike boys. As the writer is a women, I think she described girl’s point of view like she was that girl. The story was very short which made me to mermorize the story more in detail. The story is about one nervous girl at her first ball having new experiences. I could clearly imagine the main character at ball because of describtive describition of state and feelings of the main character. Even [...]

Catching Fire_HJ

This is the second book of the Hunger Game thilrogy. I was disappointed because it didn’t went over my expectation. The story is basically the main character, Katniss and Peeta come back from the Capitol winning the Hunger Game and live happily with their family. Time passes and other season of Hunger Game came. But this time, the games were different. The Capitol didn’t want new tributes, they wanted winners from each district to fight for their lives. It was a big surprise for Katniss and Peeta but they had no time to feel depressed. They had to get ready [...]

Son’s Veto Body Paragraph(Sophy) HJ

Hardy make us to sympathise Sophy in “The son’s veto”.There are many evidence that Hardy make us to sympathise Sophy. We are told that “she had done it all herself, poor thing, she had no maid, and it was almost the only accomplishment she could boast on”(46). It means that Sophy done up her hair by her own which usually maids do for her. Word “Poor” make us to sympathise Sophy even more. Word “Chaired lady” suggests that people are thinking of Sophy as unimportant. Later, we are told that “Has, dear mother- not have!”(47) This is when her son, [...]

What I learnt from the exam

I was able to have a practice on IGCSE type exam, which was great. I think it was harder than the last year’s test on Romeo and Juliet. It is because I had a test on a poem that I never glanced at it before, which was good practice to make my english skills much more better. I was able to read poem more deeply and in detail. The exam helped me to capture the inside meaning of the poem. Next time I read any poem, I can use the skills I have learnt from the test which is quite [...]

Dear Post_Hunger Game-HJ

It was very exciting book to read over the hoildays. I was really boring during the summer holiday because I had to go to full scheduled academy. The story and especially the title caught my attention. When I first begin to read the book, I couldn’t stop reading it. Everytime when I finish a chapter, it made me to wonder what will happen next. I just love books which make me to wonder what will happen next. I often judge a book if it made me to wonder or not.

Hunger game by Suzanne Collins is about 12 districts which [...]

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