Lesser’s play review review

In Wendy Lesser’s review of An Inspector Calls, she focuses on the details of the production and constantly directs the reader’s attention to the subtle connections made between the audience and the characters of the play. Wendy Lesser refers to extremely intricate parts of the play; she writes about the gestures made by the characters, their dialogue, the sound and light effects, etc. In one particular mentioning of Inspector Goole, Lesser makes the link between the Inspector’s surname and the word “ghoul.” “We needn’t harp on the Inspector’s surname – the play, in any case, spells it out for […]

Informative and agreeable

The theatre review offers many new insightful perspectives on the play previously unnoticed by me. The fact that Daldry opened the scene with children relics and listening to the radio was a creative way to start. The story goes into reverse order and what Miller said about it I thought was quite interesting: “ from the initial safety of distance and time.” Safety from what?

One thing I particularly agree with is how through nuances we managed to show sympathy for adulterer. “These sibling symbolise all the rights and privileges of inherited position”. I hadn’t noticed before but I agree. […]


So far, we have read about Arthur Birling’s involvement in the suicide of a young girl and that it might not just have been Birling who was involved in her death. It is like a dominoes of bad events that eventually tipped over Eva Smith. Quite honestly, i enjoyed the Schadenfreude of the Birlings.

I really enjoyed the characters that Priestly had created, for example, while Birling ,perhaps, struggled with appearing nonchalant, Eric and Sheila were distraught about the case of Eva Smith and their father’s action. “But these girls aren’t cheap labour – they’re people.” Sheila protested when she […]

DEAR- The Return of the King

“The Return of the King” is written by J.R.R Tolkien and is the final part of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It continues on the journey of Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee to destroy the Ring of Power while Men,Dwarves, Elves and Ents unite to fight the armies of the Dark Lord. I have fallen in love with the series and it makes me very happy.

“What do you fear, my lady?” [Aragorn] asked.

“A cage,” [Éowyn] said. “To stay behind bars, until use and old age accept them, and all chance of doing great deeds is gone […]

Personal Response- An Inspector Calls

“The Inspector Calls” catches its viewers’ attention with its enigmatic atmosphere and plot line. It tells the story of a young girl who committed suicide by drinking strong disinfectant and a man who claims to be an inspector comes to seek a family who have caused the chain of events leading to the girl’s death.

Truth be told, at first I found the movie rather tedious but as the “inspector” comes along and the reasons as to why the girl killed herself became uncovered one by one due to every character in the room the story became more appealing to […]

DEAR- The Hobbit

I have finished re-reading ‘The Hobbit’ by J.R.R Tolkien in anticipation of the third and final movie adaptation which has been renamed ‘The Battle of the Five Armies’.

It is a 305 page story of a hobbit, a small person about half the height of people, who embarks on an adventure with Gandalf the Grey, a wizard, and a group of dwarves who are on a journey to the Lonely Mountains where a dragon viciously guards a mountain of gold and treasures.

I think it is one of those books that everyone should read once in their lives. I would […]

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