Reflection on Practice Essay

1) From writing the essay, I learnt that my knowledge of the play only extends to an extent, likewise my understanding. There are deeper concepts and knowledge that I have yet to grasp. When composing the essay, I found myself more familiarised with some sections in Act I than in Act III. I believe the number of times required to re-read the play until one grasps a masterful understanding is indefinite, since every time you re-read it, different realisations and explorations might suddenly come struck you, or that you might view the same incident differently. However, in my opinion, several times must be read to ensure a clear understanding of the characters, plot, background and other aspects of the play.

2) If I were to choose another question, I believe my essay would be slightly worse. The question I chose to write about was the one that I was the most familiar with, which I found it undemanding to obtain evidence that backed up my assertions from the play.

3) Before writing the essay, I did compose a plan that outlined my main points. Making the plan aided me in organising my thoughts, since I jotted down the supporting evidence in the order of how I planned to write them. While writing the essay, I referred back to my plan several times to ensure that I included all of the points and that I was following my planned structure. I found it extremely helpful to refer back to the plan, since that way, I was certain of what to write next. In the future, I can improve my planning process by arranging it according to the order of paragraphs rather than assertions, which can provide a better outline for my essay.

4) Once I commenced composing the essay, I followed the structure of my plan. I began with a topic sentence and thesis statement, which included my major assertion. Then I began composing the body paragraphs, which consisted of topic sentences, assertions, supporting evidence, and conclusions. I produced the essay in this order since I found it easier to follow the structure of my plan. While composing, I focused the most on the supporting evidence and utilising it to reinforce my assertions. However, at intervals, I was slightly distracted by the polishing of sentence phrasing and diction employed. I will need to improve my success in the composing process by including transitions between various concepts and paragraphs, which would improve the overall structure of the essay.

5) When I was editing my essay, I proofread it and when I came across sentences that didn’t look particularly right, I would try to figure out the flaws and correct them. Although I don’t have a particular strategy for editing and proofreading an essay, I am willing to try out the various strategies that were introduced to us previously during class. In the future, I should ensure that there is sufficient time left to proofread and correct my essays, especially under time constraints.

6) The most prominent thing I gained from this experience is probably how little my knowledge of the play was. The major reason why I didn’t choose to write about the other questions was because I found it more difficult to pick out supporting evidence and to back up those points. I believe this is crucial, since in order to fully analyse the play, a thorough knowledge of all aspects must first be acquired.

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