Reflection on my practice essay: An Inspector Calls

1. As I started planning the essay within the space given, I thought that it was going to be a extremely easy essay to write as I thought I knew the play quite well. However, once I started writing, it realised that I didn’t know the play as well as I thought I did. I figured that I knew the story line very well, but not the little details within the play. I wasn’t able to quote the play, which I think made me lose some marks as I wrote down roughly what I thought they had said. I was able to express more knowledge about the inspector seeing as I had been the inspector whilst we read through the play. In my opinion, I would have to read the play many more times in order to understand the play more throughly. However, I would never be able to understand the play fully as there would always be more thoughts and questions to be asked.

2. If I had chosen a different question to the one I did, my essay would be tremendously worst. I did not understand the other questions at all, hence if I was to write on it, I wouldn’t be able to put as much knowledge and would have only thoughts without evidence to back it up.

3. I think my plan was very simple because I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to write about. However with an hour as the time limit, I couldn’t waste time thinking about it, hence, I jumped straight into the essay without giving much thought on what I wanted to wright about. I only included rough details, much like an overview of what what I wanted in each paragraph.

I did not end up following my plan since I realised half way through that I had too much I wanted to write about. But as a result of not following the structure, I know for a fact that i went off topic a lot. I also happened to add an extra paragraph that was unplanned for since I realised at the end that I had missed out the last part of the question. I didn’t write about how all the changed would have effected the audience. Thus, at the end I had to add an extra paragraph that would be clear to the examiner that it wasn’t planned for.

In the future, I would make sure I include more detail in my plan and make sure my plan covers all the topics needed and all my ideas. This would prevent me going off topic and also make sure that I covered the question asked in the best way possible.

4. As I started writing, I did what I was most familiar with. I started off with an introduction that gave a bit of background of the play and a preview of the essay, then when I got to the body paragraphs, the paragraph was based on each act. Hence the first paragraph was based on act 1, second was based on act 2 and the third was based on act 3. I then added an unexpected paragraph due to poor planning and understanding of the question. One of my english teacher from before told us that there should never be any new information in the conclusion of the essay, which it what drove me to write an extra body paragraph.

I think I was focused on how Birling acted about Shelia’s engagement. Also I compared Birling to his two more modest kids a lot throughout the play a lot. However, as mentioned earlier, I got off topic a lot. I believe that I would loose a lot of marks due to that factor.

5. After finishing the essay, I quickly read through the finished piece. I was a able to correct many unnecessary mistakes. But I didn’t have time to read through the entire essay. Thus, in the future I would time myself better and hopefully leave more room for proofreading since it is one of the most important aspects of writing an essay.

6. Through this practice essay, I learned that I need to reread An Inspector Calls again to understand the play more throughly and also time myself better, which means, I need to be able to plan each paragraph better to avoid useless information and be able to have time at the end to proofread my work.

In my opinion, working on my planning is the most important because I get off topic a lot which would make me lose a lot of marks if it was an actual exam. Also if I was able to plan better, I would not leave of details that would force me to add a completely new out of place paragraph just to make sure I covered the point.

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