DEAR: Ender’s Game (April 1st)

Ender’s Game would have to be one of the first books I’ve read after I’ve seen the movie, and I have to say, it ruined my experience with Orson Scott Cards novel. To be frank, the movie was bad, plain and simple, and I couldn’t get the images of the movie out of my head, especially the main character Ender being incredibly overpowered. Yet however garbage the movie may have been, Ender’s Game still proved to be an enjoyable read, detailing the many hardships and traumas of war, PTSD, tactics, and the best of all, politics.

Aliens exist in poor Andrew Ender Wiggin’s world, and he, along with the rest of the humans, live in fear. To combat the vile creatures, Earth has decided to monitor young children and train them in space on the Battle School. Ender is one of them, but what sets him apart is his prodigious and genius ability’s both as a student and tactician. Problems pop up every so often and are swiftly dealt with by Ender’s cunning intellect and sometimes strength, until all is set to tackle his greatest challenge yet; the Formics.

As I’ve said, I didn’t come the like this book all too much, but would definitely recommend it too all who haven’t seen the movie. Alone, it stands as a stellar novel that addresses war at its worst, but with the movie, it dilutes what is a good and solid, long lasting novel to just a simple companion piece.

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