So far, we have read about Arthur Birling’s involvement in the suicide of a young girl and that it might not just have been Birling who was involved in her death. It is like a dominoes of bad events that eventually tipped over Eva Smith. Quite honestly, i enjoyed the Schadenfreude of the Birlings.

I really enjoyed the characters that Priestly had created, for example, while Birling ,perhaps, struggled with appearing nonchalant, Eric and Sheila were distraught about the case of Eva Smith and their father’s action. “But these girls aren’t cheap labour – they’re people.” Sheila protested when she heard what her father said.

The book raised ethical, social and political issues of the world and the most important question of all: Are we responsible for each other? I believe we are, our actions will influence other. Perhaps, we don’t always realize it but it is true. Everybody has the power and ability to affect others and it comes down to whether is positive or negative.

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