A controversial feeling

“An Inspector Calls” is a play which is able to raise many questions and provoke several type of thoughts. For example, the main theoretical question present throughout the play is: “Are we all responsible for each other?.” As to thoughts, the piece touches on very sensitive concepts, like the one of Christianity and politics. This provides a controversial feeling to the play, spicing the storyline up and creating more entertaining scenes which don’t act as just a mainstream scene, but one that makes the reader think over concepts just laid out. When reading this play in class, I have noticed that the stage directions do not seem very specific, which I believe is positive for any groups trying to act this play, it leaves room for creativity. I really want to see this play being reenacted, I enjoy reading it, so it would be hard for me not to like watching it.

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  • Negar Zunuzi

    Great review on the play! you have talked about your own personal thoughts about what we discussed in class.

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