Stumped by ‘An Inspector’

I was very interested in the film ‘An Inspector Calls’. The movie ‘An Inspector Calls’ is a very old movie, so it was very interesting to see how movies have changed over time. The movie was based mostly in one scene with the odd change in location.

When the Inspector came into the house to ask some ‘questions’ he changed the mood in the movie. He came in to tell the family that somebody they have known has died. The inspector wanted to ask some questions, and it turned out that apparently the family had done something to cause her death.

The inspector started accusing the family that what they have done to her just in day-to-day life had made her commit suicide. The Inspector was very persuasive and made the family members believe that they where responsible for her death.

When the inspector left he had made the whole family feel guilty about what they have done to this lady. Later on the family worked out that the ‘inspector’ wasn’t a legitimate inspector.

They discovered this by ringing the funeral house to see if any one had come in with death from drinking poison. They said no there hasn’t been any one in with that death. But later the funeral house had rang them back saying that someone has just come in with death of poisoning.

Some of the questions that the movie had made me think about is that what if the ‘inspector’ had something to do with the death or was it just a horrible joke gone wrong. It also made me ask question e.g. why are the family being blamed with her death. Everybody gets fired and rejected its not like it’s their fault.

I really enjoyed this play because it had a very big plot twist at the end that really stumped me.

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2 comments to Stumped by ‘An Inspector’

  • Leo Rodriguez

    Your post was detailed and gathered some great opinions. You do need to meet the standards set. You should have analyzed the play further.

  • Negar Zunuzi

    I like the way you make your opinions clear to everyone, it would be better if you added a quote from the film. But overall its great, good job!

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