Personal Response to “An Inspector calls

“An Inspector call” is a fascinating piece of drama that helped me truly understand the impact of structure in storytelling. I partially enjoyed the irony in the end when the parents acted all amused, claiming that it was all a hoax,then the phone rang and realize the girl is indeed died. The cliffhanger at the end raises few question such as “were they all the same girl?” and “what connection, if any, does inspector Goole have with this girl?”.

Inspector Goole is presented as this all-knowing person that have come to teach this family a lesson. Through some of the speech I get the impression that he might be slightly “mystical” or “godlike”. As we wouldn’t know his true identity, we can’t uncover how he knows the chain of events or did he planned this whole scheme.

Another aspect that I enjoyed is that the elderly parents failed to realize their mistake in the girl’s death, while the younger two are more shaken by what have happened. I also noticed that the younger siblings are more genuine in answering question as they truly felt the guilt.

After watching this play a second time, I’ve noticed quite a lot of small phrases that are placed that foreshadow the ending. For example, Mr. Berling laughing at him being able to keep out of scandal. Another part that really show how wrong Mr.Berling words , was when he talks about only looking out for himself, which is followed by the doorbell. During one scene that I’ didn’t noticed the first times was when the inspector is leaving, he gave this powerful speech, that i believed is the theme of this play. The speech goes ” We don’t live alone were all member of one body,we’re responsible for each others, and i tell you this when the time will soon come when if man don’t learn that lesson and they will be totted in blood and fire and anguish. ” Behind all the structural genius and storytelling, this is the message the drama is trying to get across. We are all the same, we need to start to take responsibility of each other’s life.

I enjoyed this movie as it has many thought provoking moral and lesson we can learn. Furthermore, it has an interesting yet not complicated plot-line that is intriguing to both the past and the present generation.

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  • Leo Rodriguez

    Your entry resembles an analysis than a personal respone. You should have more strictly followed the instructions set by Mr.Mcknight.

  • Negar Zunuzi

    good post. your post had great detailed opinions, you should follow the instructions more carefully.

  • Mike Li

    Great analysis, and an even better response. Detailed events paried up with great explanations made this an impeccable post, although your personal thoughts could’ve been included. Watch out for grammar too.

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