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At the moment I have been reading the book, the making of a SAS solider, which I have been really enjoying. The previous book I read was also about a SAS solider, but I am enjoying this one a lot more.

The previous book I read had a lot more content of the writers family life. But this book is really based on how he got into the army and how he prepared and coped with his new living environment.

The reason I enjoy reading these kinds of books is because it is based on a true story. It’s a little bit like an autobiography. To be honest I don’t really have an interest in reading books that are not based on a story. They just don’t interest me.

In the book that I’m reading at the moment, the writer is telling us that how work pays off. When he was younger he didn’t have a strong will to get into clubs etc. But in the books shows that different ways that he made himself have more of a will power.

This book has the making of a SAS solider has shown me what it is like training for the army and higher levels of military training can be like. I will try to read more of these kinds of books in the future.

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