DEAR January 15 – The Scorch Trials

The sun is getting closer to the Earth.

Earth’s civilians were getting infected by a disease named the Flare.

A lethal infection.

Notice – Spoilers ahead

The Scorch Trials is the second installment in James Dashner’s award-winning Maze Runner trilogy. The book describes the Glader’s survival through their adventure into and out of the Scorch. Thomas, a 16-year-old teenager suffering from artificial amnesia, leads the Gladers through the blazing Scorch along with Minho and Newt.

Before they embark on the journey, a man, known as the Rat man, reaches out to them. Threatens them, and uses the cure for the Flare in exchange of crossing the Scorch.

My favorite quote from the book was a thought from Thomas:

Hunger. It’s like an animal inside you.

This shows the hunger they’re experiencing. They are willing to kill for food, they are willing to turn into cannibals for food. This thought, although simple, vividly shows their hunger, so the readers can relate to the hunger they’re experiencing.

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  • Marilia

    I really like your quote. you followed all the steps from the guidelines.

  • Marcela

    Good post. Just don’t forget page citations. But all the guidelines were followed correctly so good job

  • Leo Rodriguez

    I like the way you strictly followed Mr.Macknight’s steps. Your presentation of the poem was also nice, although your use of language could be better.

  • Mihnea

    I liked how you gave your opinion as well as following the guidelines.

  • Jasmine

    I really enjoyed reading this post of yours, it was very interesting read your opinions as to the fact that my cousin was reading the same book over the holidays. He had told me a lot about the book and his opinions. I loved the quote you chose, it is short however it is really powerful. Overall, great entry.

  • Kaitlin

    Well done post however you could have mentioned who you would recommend this book to.

  • Darvina Magandran

    Clever quote to choose and good explanation. Also well done on following the guidelines.

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