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I have recently finished reading Where She Went by Gayle Forman. It is the second and final book after If I Stay (the story being from Mia’s point of view). In this second book, it is narrated by Adam, Mia’s boyfriend, who was left to pick up the pieces of his broken heart. (Spoilers) nevertheless, they get back together as always. Adam Wilde is now a rockstar in the band Shooting Stars. They were always close friends but because of one mistake, everything was washed away. I did not like the ending of this book however, it terminated in the middle of one of his shows; I thought it should have ended with something a little more deep. It keeps you pondering about what happens next and if there should be a third book.

Is this what I’ve become? A walking contradiction? I’m surrounded by people and feel alone.

I really love this quote because when Mia left him (which happened in the gap between the two books), Adam was completely shattered under a cloud of grief (and a little inquiry). What makes this poem relate back to the book is that even though Adam had another girlfriend, a few friends and his band, he felt completely abandoned. His girlfriend never really understood him (or his past), the whole band turned on him and his friends, well… the band was all he had. I love the irony (and metaphor) of this quote; how can you be alone in a room full of people? Well, only the experienced would know. And that was exactly Adam, he didn’t care for all the people surrounding him… only for Her. 

Readers who like a lot of fantasy and action would not enjoy this book so much, it is more for people who like love stories, and a little less action. I would recommend this book however, to people who are fond of a little bit of both. It doesn’t have the murder-suspicion kind of action rather a more realistic kind of drama. I extremely like this book and I do recommend it to less-action-more-reality kind of readers .

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    Good job on following the guidelines and writing a very informative blog post. I was going to finish reading the series but based on the blog I don’t think I would enjoy it.

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