DEAR- The colossus rises

The colossus rises is first book of the Seven Wonders series, it is about a group of kids that have connection to the mystical ancient civilization of Atlantis, they are physically and mentally better than the average human , however they have a short live span. In order to prevent them from dying they are forced to go on mission to find clues about their heritage. The book contains slight humor and mystery just like other adventure series.

Although I quite enjoyed this book, I wouldn’t read the rest of the series as it isn’t challenging. For casual reader that wants to pass time, i would recommend this book as it has a appealing, though not original,story line.For those who are interested in a more challenging and complex plot, then i would ask them to go find something else.

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  • Marcela

    Good post but I would recommend writing just a little more, try to expand your sentences. however overall you did follow the guidelines so good job 🙂

  • Daniel Lee

    I liked how you expressed what you really felt, and not faking it (because people to pretend that a book is written extremely well). It would’ve been better if you were to include a more detailed description and perhaps a quote that you liked.

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