DEAR – Looking for Alaska

January 15 blog post

In ‘Looking for Alaska‘, John Green constructs a world of love, suffering, and friendship. It is the story of a sixteen/seventeen year old boy who, Pudge, who goes to boarding school “to seek a great perhaps”. Back in his old school, Pudge did not have any friends, so he had no hope for himself in his new boarding school, Culver Creek. When Pudge gets there, he finds hope after all when he meets his roommate, the Colonel, who becomes his best friend. He also becomes friends with Takumi and Alaska, the Colonel’s friends. Pudge finds that he is madly in love with Alaska, but she is madly in love with her boyfriend, Jake, who lives much too far away for Alaska’s liking, but she wouldn’t give him up for anything. Since Pudge can’t have Alaska, she sets him up with a Romanian immigrant, Lara, who becomes pudge’s girlfriend, and shortly after his ex-girlfrined. The main characters in this book drink, smoke and use explicit language (Pudge, the Colonel, Alaska, Takumi, and Lara). Pudge picks up these habits from his friends; he did not used to do any of these things back in his old school.

There are parts where the content of book deals with sexually explicit situations, (but not too many). This is because the novel is intended for young adults. This book is quite heavy, not just in its content but in its metaphors. I would recommend this book to people who like action, but not the typical action where it’s all agitated, more like the type of pranks and love action.

There is a big twist in the middle of the novel, but i won’t tell you because i don’t want to spoil it. But Pudge uses this twist as a theme when he  writes his final exam school paper.John Green uses many metaphors in this novel. at the beginning of the novel, he talks about a book that Alaska is reading, which is about a labyrinth of suffering. At first, i thought this was useless information that the author had just put in so as not to make the novel with one scenario. But later on as i read, i realizes that the whole book actually revolved around this metaphor about the labyrinth of suffering. Alaska’s school paper was based on the book she was reading: How can we ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering? This quote/question really touched me because that was she i fathomed that the labyrinth of suffering was actually life. Life is the labyrinth of suffering that no one can escape. And at the end, you learn that there is a way out of the labyrinth; there is always a way out of  suffering, and you learn that the best way is forgiveness.


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  • Marcela

    Great post! I liked how you followed the guidelines and were really into the book, just don’t forget to mention who you would recommend it to and what readers might enjoy it.

  • Jeannie

    Well written post 🙂 I like how you discussed your interpretation of the question and as Ma has mentioned, remember to state the sort of readers who might enjoy reading the book.

  • Leo Rodriguez

    This a very thourough entry, it is well structured and easy to read. I also like that you have covered what was required.

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