Thoughts about Wordsworth’s poem

An amazing picture.

An example of mathematical beauty. Rendered here.

The poem is quite interesting since it expresses the beauty of a city. When this poem was written, it was generally accepted that natural settings were far more beautiful than artificial ones (like cities) were. The concept that a city could even be beautiful at all was surprising, but saying it was just as beautiful as a “valley, rock, or hill” was shocking to say the least. The ideas about natural being better still remain today.

Another perspective on beauty is that mathematics and patterns which emerge from it are beautiful. As an example, see the image to the left. It is a visualization of the complex numbers Z on which repeating the recurrence “Z = Z^2 + original Z” does not go to infinity; in other words it is entirely artificial yet beautiful in its own way. For more info, see this Wikipedia article.


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9 comments to Thoughts about Wordsworth’s poem

  • Tom Prior

    I like the fact that you have written about a different topic, an improvement would be to include your own opinion.

  • Cindy Han

    I like how you proved your point by showing an example of mathematical beauty. You said that mathematics are “entirely artificial”, but consider some of the natural patterns that can be found in nature. Are they artificial?

    • Edward Giles

      The natural patterns found in nature are similar to aspects of mathematics because nature provides problems for living things. Examples of these include how to maximize exposure to the sun or surface area of the interior of the lungs. Both these problems can be solved with mathematics, but nature solved them with evolution, giving the same “answer”.

  • Jasmine Yeh

    well written, i liked how you added an example of what you found beautiful

  • Mihnea Lupu

    I was a bit confused when you talked about the math article and I could see why it was put. I would probably concentrate more on the English aspect then the mathematical point.

  • Sophie Krafft

    your post is very interesting and i liked how you related the poem to math and its beauty. like Tom said you should put your own opinion in to improve you writing but overall i understood what you mean

  • Lewis Harding

    very good explanation of the poem and you explained may of the questions raised in the poem in very good detail and out of that raised more significant questions.

  • Dan Lian Zhao

    I like how the example is a picture, this makes things easier to understand and also less confusing.

  • Edward Higham

    I didn’t know that you could add a picture to your post, I think that helped me understand your post a little easier.

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