Sonnet by William Wordsworth

This sonnet, written by William Wordsworth is about viewing the city as beautiful, not ugly and full of sin. He was standing on a bridge overlooking London at sunrise. William was from the countryside before he moved to London and he never believed that city, a manmade place, could be so beautiful.

For example, he said “Ne’er I saw I, never felt, a calm so deep!” He cannot believe how peaceful and pretty the city was.

I personally believe that the city can be beautiful in its own way but raw nature is nicer. I wouldn’t want to live in a world where there is nothing man-made and  everything is natural because life would be very difficult. I prefer to go, for example, to take a hike up into the mountains and camp for a few nights or find a secluded area of beach and sit, relax and watch the waves. That is when I like the purity of nature.

Cites are filled with people and excitement which can make people , including me on occasion, happy. Some might even consider a stroll through a bustling city at night even more relaxing and calming than sitting on a secluded rock near the ocean.

Overall I think that this poem is about the difference between the purity and beauty of nature and how the city can be similar to it in some ways.

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7 comments to Sonnet by William Wordsworth

  • Sophie Krafft

    I like how you talked about the purity and nature and how you put examples into your explanation.

  • Cindy Han

    Very interesting thoughts… I like how you wrote about what you thought about the city and how you used quotes to back up your points.

  • Jasmine Yeh

    I loved how you had taken a quote from the poem and added it into your post in order to make point.

  • Lewis Harding

    i liked the fact at how you included many examples into your text, this gave me an understanding of complex things because in your example you gave an easier example.

  • Dan Lian Zhao

    i like how you used examples to help expand your point of view. Also it’s good that you expressed your own opinions. could’ve understood even better if you wrote more.

  • Edward Higham

    I like how you structured your post in paragraphs and each of them had a new point. I like the quote that you used to explain your ideas.

  • Tom Prior

    You have shown your opinion well, to improve i would consider writing about how other people may view the topic.

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