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William Wordsworth brought up a very interesting point in his sonnet, “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge”. Is the city any less beautiful then the country side? Is nature more beautiful then artificial objects? In this sonnet, Wordsworth really makes you wonder what can be considered as ‘beautiful’. What is beauty? There is no solid definition to beauty yet we consider different objects beautiful or not. In Wordsworth’s point of view, the city is just as beautiful as the country side; which many people would disagree to. It is a common thought that nature is more beautiful then artificial objects because natural objects are considered to be ‘made by god’. However, there is still beauty in the city if you take a closer look at everything. A building may just be a building to you until take a closer look at it. Examine all the details and appreciate the effort people gave. William Wordsworth appreciated the hidden beauty within the city that many others may not be able to see and translated it into a poem. Hence more people would be able to realize and be grateful for what is in front of them.


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  • Edward Higham

    What is your opinion in beauty, natural or artificial?

  • Arron Crichton

    Good description of the sonnet and the question the reader would ask.

  • Dan Lian Zhao

    I like the fact that you explained why the city might be beautiful and it’d be better if you could use a quote from the poem to support your idea.

  • Tom Prior

    Very well written response, i agree with Edward and that you should include your own opinion to further improve.

  • Cindy Han

    I like how you talked about examining things in detail before coming up with a conclusion, and not just following how everybody thinks on first sight.

  • Sophie Krafft

    I really like your response and how you used what we talked about in class to refer back to the poem and also like how you said if you look closely you will still find beauty.

  • Lewis Harding

    i think that what you have put is good. you have raised some good questions which make you think about the poems meaning. I agree

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