Questions Raised by Wordsworth’s “Sonnet: Composed Upon Westminster Bridge”

Wordsworth’s poem, “Sonnet: Composed Upon Westminister Bridge” makes us wonder, “what is it that we consider beautiful?” Beauty is a label that we put on things that we like and we call close to perfect in its own unique way. For example, a model would be considered beautiful in the eye of the public because she shows a common conception of what most people believe someone beautiful would look like. That is why there will always be someone who will disagree. That is because we have our own definition of beautiful and our own portrait as well as idea’s to what pleases our definition of beautiful. Furthermore what is Wordsworth considering beautiful in the poem? He thinks that the city is as beautiful as the nature. He thinks that they have equal beauty. Often times we see it as nature is more grand and more beautiful then a city and we do not picture them as being compared equally.

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7 comments to Questions Raised by Wordsworth’s “Sonnet: Composed Upon Westminster Bridge”

  • Edward Higham

    I enjoyed reading your passage. Do you think a model is beautiful?

  • Lewis Harding

    this paragraph of which you have written has been structured accordingly and it has some very reflective questions raised which i think is a good thing to achieve. However, you could use some more of an expansive range of vocabulary in your work to express your views in a greater perspective.

  • Jasmine Yeh

    Loved the examples you gave, helped others to understand you point of view easier

  • Cindy Han

    I like your thoughts on what beauty truly is. It would be better if you expand further on your thoughts.

  • Dan Lian Zhao

    I like the conclusion, because you also wrote about how cities and nature are not being compared equally, not just the definition of beautiful.

  • Tom Prior

    This is a good summary of beauty the only improvement would be to write more and explain your ideas in greater detail

  • Arron Crichton

    I also liked the examples you gave. It made it really east to get your points across in a interesting way,It also made it fun to read

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