My Review of the Sonnet

I am going to be explaing the ideas and questions raised on the topic: Beauty.  The question that were raised by Wordsworth’s poem is that is beauty a natural thing or an   artificial thing? The idea of the poem is that Wordsworth who was brought up in the outdoors most of this life thinks that the city is beautiful.

The question that is brought out from this poem means if beauty is just naturally there or if it is made by mankind. The answer to this question is very hard especially because there is a different answer for each person to this question. I did a survey which asked if beauty is natural or man made there will be a 50/50 response.

The idea of the poem is that beauty isn’t just naturally made, but also man made. Wordsworth lived in the lake valley most his life and he thought that nature is beautiful then he went to the city and appreciated that beauty.

In my opinion the answer to the question, is that beauty is in both naturally made and man made.

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  • Tom Prior

    Who took part in the survey?

  • Cindy Han

    You said that “beauty both naturally made and man made”, but do you think everything (natural and artificial) seems beautiful to you? If not, what makes something beautiful and others ugly?

  • Mihnea Lupu

    What survey is being brought to question? I would suggest a stronger conclusion.

  • Sophie Krafft

    so did you do a survey? because you said that the answer will be a 50/50 answer so it actually doesn’t tell us if you did the survey but overall liked your response

  • Jasmine Yeh

    Make sure to read through your work before publishing. One letter can make a big difference. Overall you had a very good point and understanding the poem

  • Lewis Harding

    As jasmine was stating before i think that you should check through your work because a spelling mistake can make a difference in the grade you get or what response you get from the poem.

  • Tom Prior

    Also, what would you consider to be more beautiful, nature or man-made?:);):D

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