Assignments: Y10 – Her First Ball

Leila does not like the fat man, because during her dance with him he had dampened her mood. Leila had originally arrived at the ball excited and enthusiastic. After the Fat Man told her that she will soon be among the fathers and mothers watching her own daughter dancing. She would also be fat and old. ‘You can’t hope to last anything like as long as that”long before that you’ll be sitting up there on the stage, looking on, in your nice black velvet. And these pretty arms will have turned into little short fat ones, and you’ll beat time with such a different kind of fan – a black ebony one”And you’ll smile away like the poor old dears up there, and point to your daughter, and tell the elderly lady next to you how some dreadful man tried to kiss her at the club ball. And your heart will ache, ache”because no one wants to kiss you now. And you’ll say how unpleasant these polished floors are to walk on, how dangerous they, are’. Leila felt very sad and wanted to cry, and did not feel like dancing anymore. ‘But deep inside her a little girl threw her pinafore over her head and sobbed. Why had he spoiled it all?”She wanted to be home, or sitting on the veranda listening to these baby owls’

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