The Rain Horse by Ted Hughes

The Rain Horse is a shorty Story written by Ted Hughes in 1947.  The Story only has two characters. A majestic horse and an unidentified man. Both characters have a unique personalities. The Rain Horse is a story that is set at an un-known country. The story begins with a man on the hillside admiring the land he grew up on, but yet he feels lost. As he walks down to the farm he notices a horse from the corner of his eye. When he goes and rests under a tree while thinking about the horse then out of nowhere the horse attacks the man. This happens a couple more times. Im thinking that maybe the writer is hinting at the fact that his past is chasing after him for un-known reasons. The story ends with the man is in the middle of the field while stripping his clothes of and fade.The Horse is described through the point of view of the Man.


“…he saw the rain pulling up out of the distance, dragging its grey broken columns, smudging the trees and the farms…”

The part about this sentence that I like is the ‘grey broken columns’, these columns are the effect given by shafts of light hitting the rain. It gives it a ‘broken shaft’ effect.

Overall i think this story was quite interesting. But i think that Ted Hughes could have made the ending a little bit better. Also he did not give us a lot of information for Certain things.

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