The Custody of the Pumpkin by P.G. Wodehouse

The custody of the Pumpkin” is a short story by British comic writer P.G. Wodehouse. The Themes of the book are : humiliation, Prejudice, materialism, arrogance, social class difference and Sarcasm and humour. This story is about a Lord, who can only think about his pumpkins , instead of his son. The Lord who is a protagonist sees his son kissing a girl who is the cousin of his head-gardener. He straight away fires his gardener and the girl. The Lord then feels regret and he goes to London to try get him back. When he goes there he gets humiliated by the crowd. He meets with the girl’s father whose name is Mr. Donaldson. Mr. Donaldson said that he loved the Lord’s son and that he wanted to take him to America to work with him. The Lord accepts it and he is happy that his son is going away. After that, the head-gardener whose name is Angus comes back and they win a prize in a pumpkin competition.


The author uses Similes which helps to understand the characters better by indirect Characterisation. There is also a sense of Humour created because the tone and mood is humorous, I think it’s because of the Characters actions. I think this Story was quite Interesting.

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