Her First Ball by Katherine Mansfield

Her First Ball by Katherine Mansfield is a short story about one of the most important events in woman’s life. In the story, a country girl named Leila gets to go to her first ball with her cousins. In the beginning, the author described Leila’s feelings so well by describing things as they are dancing. Leila is just so excited and happy, but later in the ball excitement is not the only feeling she has. She soon realizes that the world is not just filled with excitement but also some other feelings. She gets 3 dances and she is so happy, excited and nervous until she meets a fat and old guy. She tells him how she feels about him and he tells her his point of view about ages.

I really enjoyed reading this book and getting to know more about girl’s life in the past. Nowadays, we do not really consider our first ball that important. In addition, boys do not write a list of girls they want to dance with. This gave me a completely different idea about someone’s first ball and it fascinated me.

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