Descriptive Essay : “Paradise”

The most amazing beautiful place i have ever been to was Malaysia. The Clear blue beach and the Sparkling white sand was breath taking. Eating Breakfast with the perfect view of the beach and the giant Palm trees by it , was always calm and relaxing. When swimming in the Beach, you see the most lovely fish like Clown fish and Parrot fish. All the fish had wonderful colors like bright blue, yellow and pink. You could even see wonderful light blue starfish. when going snorkeling , you were also able to see tons of jelly fish and lobsters. Some fish let you get really close to them , so you were able to gently hold them. The Colorful corals were everywhere, and they always got more interesting the further you swam. While walking along the beach, you could see loads of adorable tiny crabs quickly crawling from one place to another. when walking by the beach at night, you were able to see big crabs crawl around and into the water every time you took a step. Relaxing and letting the sun kiss your skin while lying by the beach was always so wonderful. The sound of the Waves were peaceful and calming. The Weather in Malaysia was always amazing, it wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t cold.

Everyday, there was a family of monkeys walking by the beach and sometimes you would even see them walk around in your hotel Hallway. It was always Fun and Exciting to see. The smell of Delicious Malaysian food for dinner always smelt appetizing. Eating dinner by the Stunning beach was always amazing. Everybody in Malaysia was so kind, the people always had a smile on their face and were in a happy mood. The hotel room had the most breath taking view of the entire resort. The Resort had a gigantic Pool , and it was surrounded by palm trees and other beautiful plants. Sometimes, you were able to see Flying Lemurs on the  trees by the pool. The Waterfalls in Malaysia were Astonishing, the sun made the water shine and there was a wonderful rainbow.

When walking to the waterfall, you could see loads of animals. Malaysia had Flying snakes, Flying Frogs, Flying Lemurs, monkeys and loads more. There were loads of trees everywhere, and they were very green and extremely tall. Malaysia also had tons of Geckos everywhere. No matter where you looked there would always be cute little Green geckos. When going into the city, you could see lots of little shops on one side and on the other lots of restaurants. Everything was quite squishy , and at some spots a little bit dirty. You were able to take boat rides that brought you to different small islands that were very close to the beach. The islands were deserted, yet they were gorgeous to look at because the sand was so white and the water there was sparkling. Malaysia is defiantly one of the most amazing places in the world. Everything there was just perfect , It truly was heaven on earth.

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