English Test

What I learnt from the english test:

I learnt that quotations can be interpreted in many different ways, and that there often is a hidden meaning the poet subtly puts there.
The poet uses these hidden messages to get us thinking and re-interpreting what happened. That way he/she can get us to ask questions about this poem.
I also learnt that good poetry and writing is when you use creative and vivid imagery. this way the poet makes us really experience the feelings that the character(s) felt and helps us to think in their perspective. It also makes the poem feel more personal as you really experience all these thoughts and emotions.

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2 comments to English Test

  • tanmayb

    Nice jesse I see that you have inferred a lot from the poem Great job

  • Eric =d

    Very nice interpretation of the poem Jesse. I agree with you on the fact that the poem focused quite a bit more on emotions and thoughts than the actual ‘proper’ English vocabulary in more famous poems.

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