Summer Language coursework

Dear Year . . . 11s!  ;^)

Just a reminder about your coursework for IGCSE English Language. Here is the requirement from the course guide:

  • Assignment 1: informative, analytical and/or argumentative.
  • Assignment 2: imaginative, descriptive and/or narrative.
  • Assignment 3: a response to a text or texts chosen by the Centre. The text(s) should contain facts, opinions and arguments. Candidates respond to the text(s) by selecting, analysing and evaluating points from the material (reading objectives R1–R3). They may write in any appropriate form they wish. Different candidates in the same teaching set may choose to respond in different forms.

The goal is to arrive at school with a first draft for each of these three assignments posted on the class blog. We agreed to the following for each assignment:

  • CW1: An argumentative piece about school uniforms. All of you have completed this. ;^)
  • CW2: A descriptive piece, topic of your choice. If you are like Jolly and prefer narrative, you must produce a narrative excerpt that is highly descriptive.
  • CW3: A response to a text. You need to write a response to Paul Graham’s essay, ‘Lies We Tell Kids’.

Each essay should be 500-800 words, with a preference that you are close to 800 words. So they are not full-length essays.

Notes: These are first drafts. They do not need to be perfect. They give you an opportunity to practice writing in these forms; they give you a chance to try out your ideas on these topics so that you can have by the spring a variety of topics and essays to choose from when deciding which three pieces to submit for final assessment.

I hope all of this is clear. I have sent it by email, too. As always, drop me an email if you have questions.



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