Against: Wearing Uniform is a good idea.

Wearing school uniform always has been an issue over a long period of time. Majority of students does not prefer to wear school uniforms and for some students they prefer to wear school uniforms. Both sides have several reasons. However, I strongly disagree that wearing uniform is a good idea and students should not wear a uniform without any freedom of expressing their own individuality. Wearing uniform can show unity between the students but, are students willing to wear those uniforms? And is it a good idea to wear them?

First of all, wearing school uniform often does not fit for some students and regarded as uncomfortable. From the early age, year 1, some schools are forcing them to wear ties, skirts and leather shoes. They would not only feel uncomfortable but also unsatisfied since they do not have a choice. For example, when students go outside such as playgrounds, fields etc, and the uniform is likely to get dirty and get smudges. In addition, female students are having trouble moving freely since they are wearing a skirt. Therefore, by having smudges or dirty things on uniform would make other people to consider that the school has students who dress poorly.

Secondly, buying uniform is relatively expensive and perceived as wasting money. As the time goes by students buy new uniforms for several reasons. The reasons could be: when the uniform gets small as the students grow up, when the uniform has been ripped or when they are new to the school. However, as students grow, they would buy new uniforms also, when the students are moving their school to the other they should but other uniforms for the school they are going. For an instance, in international schools, often the students move very often from their school to their home country. Some of the pupils might stay at the foreign country for a long time, but some do not. However, students who stay only for a short period of time with no exception they must buy uniform as well as others. And these result as a waste of money on such expensive uniform.

Lastly, forcing students to wear uniform is an action that disregards their own individuality. Because the school decides the uniform, each student is not allowed to wear clothes their want or show their individual style. As, school restricts students what they should and should not wear, students are likely to show their personality through other ways. For an instance, female students would likely to wear make-ups or re-form their uniform, which are against the school rule. This can lead to the huge problem in school and affect the school image on people.

Nevertheless, these problems or disadvantages can overcome by several ways. Among them the example would be selling those uniforms which got smaller as a second-hand uniform. This would likely to save money and also for people who are coming to school for only a short period of time can buy second-hand uniform which will be much cheaper than the new one. However, the problem with selling second-hand is they will have small blemish on it which some people don’t want. And so, some people would prefer to by new uniform rather than the second-hand.

In addition, there are some advantages of wearing uniform as well. Wearing uniform can give unity for the school and give the feeling that the school and students as ‘one’. Besides, by having uniform students don’t need to consider what to wear every morning wasting their time. Despite of these advantages, there are spillover effects to them. Even though wearing uniform can give school spirit and save time in the morning, if students does not enjoy or feel satisfied wearing uniforms it will only lead to complains that students are not able to express individuality and personality. Therefore, students should be allowed to wear their free dress but within a certain restriction.


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