Uniforms are a good thing

There are arguments both for and against having uniforms in school. I am in opinion that having uniforms in schools is the best option, as it will create a sense of unity and an environment where students won’t be judged as easily with less bullying. Additionally, there will be fewer distractions for students at school, and it will also prepare the students for work later in life.

One reason I believe uniforms are a good thing is because it creates a sense of belonging between the students. Since the students are all wearing the same clothes they will evidently feel like they belong to a group, and students will no longer automatically belong to a certain groups judged by what kind of clothes they wear. Therefore, this puts of the pressure that lies on many students nowadays of having the most expensive brands. With uniform students with less money have a better chance of what our society counts as socially succeeding.

As I mentioned before, less judging will happen in the school. As a result, everyone will have a chance to make friends before being judged by others. People won’t just look at a person and see their clothes, which often happens amongst teenagers. Since it is human nature to judge someone, we are evidently all going to do it. Because of uniforms, in order to judge a student, you actually have to get to know the person. Therefore, the person will be judged on their personality and who they are inside rather than what they wear.

Furthermore, one of the main arguments against having school uniforms is that students won’t be able to express themselves anymore. However, I completely disagree with this. Because students cannot express themselves through their clothing they will find other ways to express themselves, like through their personality. It leaves room for their personality to shine even brighter. This again leads back to the point made previously about being judged on your personality, rather than your clothes.

Moreover, when kids are younger parents usually help them decide what to wear. I would imagine it could be quite annoying for the parents to try and argue with their children about what to wear. Additionally, when you grow older and pick out your own clothes you spend a lot of your time thinking about your clothes, and what to wear. Therefore, having uniform is a much more convenient option as it gives students more time in the mornings. This time can be spent on other things, such as studying or sleeping because many students of the present don’t get enough sleep.

Another reason I believe uniform is a good thing is because at school other people’s clothing doesn’t distract you from your schoolwork if you have uniforms. If somebody in your class wears a bright orange top or a really strong colour it can be very distracting and tiring for the eyes. Furthermore, if somebody wears very revealing, or inappropriate clothing to school this can be very distracting as well. With uniform you don’t have these problems, and students can focus more on their schoolwork rather than focusing on looking at the other people’s clothes.

I also believe uniforms give students the opportunity of practicing for work. At your workplace, there is evidently going to be a special type of clothing required. You cannot just walk into work wearing whatever you want to wear. It also gives you practice in wearing formal clothing, which you have to wear in many types of different jobs. You get used to wearing it, how to move in it and how to behave when you are wearing it. It helps preparing you for the future.

Lastly, uniforms of course looks really good for the school. Not only because all the students are walking advertisements for the school, but also because the school looks a lot tidier, much more structured and smart. Therefore, visitors coming to the school will be impressed of the school and it will give the school a good reputation. Additionally, parents choosing schools are more likely to going to want their children to go to a school that seems organized and have students that seem to behave well. It automatically makes you think the school is good if it looks really good because of humans’ judgmental nature.

There are many different arguments for and against having uniforms in school.  As I have made clear in this essay, I strongly believe that students wearing uniform will learn better in school, and will have an advantage when entering the “working-world”.  However, uniform is by far not the most important factor affecting how good education a school provides.

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