Should students wear uniform to school everyday?

The issue of whether pupil should wear their uniform everyday is argumentative. Especially to whom has to wear the uniform everyday, for example, I myself. As a student, I dislike the fact that we have to wear the uniform every single day. However, I do understand the purpose of the school to make us to wear the uniform.
The aim of an uniform, is to make us look ‘smart’, to look regulated, and with manner. At some level, the uniform does achieved it’s goal. On the surface area, everyone do look the same. However, if there’s a rule, there will be someone to break it. Uniform is one of them. The uniform is just a form of restrict, something that regulate you. The more you want to control someone, the more possiblity it will rebuttal. Just as a spring, the more you want to press it down, the more force it will bounce back. We do need precepts to make everything to stay in its place, yet austere rules would not work on people either. It is very important to find a balance between those two. Everyone in the group is unique, and some of them do want to show their specialness. In fact, everyone should show how special they are. Everyone has the right to do that.
The primary reason why people don’t like to wear uniform is because they are not comfortable. The original purpose of clothes is to serve people, and protect you from warm and cold weather. Uniform doesn’t serve this purpose at all. Its only aim is to make someone look ‘nice’. It is unfair to the children; the uniform is something that is restricting you to do something you want to. As a child, he or she has the right to enjoy his childhood fully in the sunshine, in the open space. When you are outside, it’s unavoidable to get dirty, messy. The leathery, polished shoes would be worn out within a few months. For families with poorer condition, such waste of resources is not affordable. Some says that uniform is trying to make people have equality, what if a kid from a poorer background cannot pay for better outfit? It’s not possible to change your shoes and clothes just for a ten-minute break time. The shoes are not durable, yet they are not comfortable either. It is not providing a healthy childhood for our future generation.
The uniform is also a symbol of restriction. It shows hackneyed thoughts. For the society nowadays, creativity is a weapon for living. This is an era for the ‘fast food generation’. People want more new things and they want efficiency. In order to survive in this kind of society, we need creativity. Schools are made for teaching the children to get ready for their future — into the real world. Uniform at school are suppressing our kids from thinking freely. Their life is regulated by the grown up, that they are only allowed to do whatever they are told. This also shows overprotection. This statement is made, because some said that uniform is a good thing because free dress would distract pupil from studying. Free dressing would make the student will start to compare clothes. This would cause the students to compare each other with external things, and forgot about the inside qualities people has. This statement might be true. However, isn’t the world now is like this? This is how the real world is like. We should not overprotect our children. Since childhood, they should learn to interact with other people and to learn social skill. School is a perfect place for this. The task for a student is easy. All they have to do is to learn things that might help them in the future. The rest of the time would be building their interpersonal relationships. The friends in the childhood would be the most important people in someone’s life. Whether people wear uniform or not, this would not be an obstacle for someone to have a healthy relationship with other students. Uniform is not the thing that is causing people stop concentrating on their work. Even when they are in their work in the future, they are still going to deal with a lot of things, and cannot be tempted. We should let go, and sometimes let our children to overcome the obstacles in their life by themselves. This is an even better protection for them, because they had experienced something and in the future, they know what to do.
In conclusion, there are no real statistics showing that uniforms can make somebody more successful. One’s future should not be depending on whether he or she wears uniform or not. If someone’s future is dependent on such thing, then that only means that person has a weak personality, and can be easily defeated by external things. Overall, I think uniform should not be wearing everyday in the school.

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