School uniforms are a good idea

Most of teenagers, in fact, take too much care particularly about their appearances, or outer looks. They like to show off their new clothing, and new hair style. Nevertheless they do not want others to regulate them what to wear. This is because they often show a propensity to be ‘different’ among the group. In other words teenagers pursue for the ‘individuality’.

The common against argument that comes up when discussing the issue of necessity of school uniforms is that school uniforms may stop students to express their individuality, with the reason that everybody would look identical. However are school uniforms undoubtedly a bad idea that numerous students dislike to wear them to the school?


As it is mentioned above, school uniforms create unity and equality between students rather than the feeling of being different. Therefore some children may wonder what would be the positive effects of wearing the same attire; however it definitely helps students in various ways, such as to learn how to ‘cooperate’ with their friends and work out the problem.

As uniforms reduce the differences between the high and low social statuses, uniforms destroy the barrier and allow students to interact with each other. In addition, students are able to be taught that judging other people just by their looks is not a right thing to do. More importantly, children should not be judged on how much they spent on clothes or how stylish they look, but rather for their talents and personalities. Consequently, less discrimination would occur and surely less bullying may result in.

Not only wearing school uniforms have the sense of working together, but also it suggests that they are one giant group. Each student is belonged to the community. This idea of association would force them to behave formally even at the outside of the school. Also, since they are the representative of the school, they must be aware that their poor attitude may ruin the whole school image. As a result students are encouraged to behave nicely.

School uniforms can support school to have a formal impression. If there were no uniforms, then there would be full of students with jeans, hoodies, flip-flops etc., which is not an ideal dress for school. Besides, by wearing school uniforms students can get a pride that he or she is one of the students in the particular school.

Furthermore wearing a uniform also increases the safety of the students. Due to identical uniform, when there is a child missing from the group, it is much easier to spot what school he or she goes to than non-uniformed child. Therefore it is a lot safer for students, especially younger children to have uniforms in their school.

Lastly, students who wear school uniform have a better opportunity to focus on academic work. Every morning students wear school uniform and go to school. However if there are no school uniforms, students might have to spend several minutes, thinking what to wear for that day. Also students do not get distracted by their own or others’ clothing. Because that school does apply few strict school laws onto students’ uniforms, it is possible for them to study in a suitable environment. Imagine a classroom with girls wearing inappropriate clothes for school and nail polish. Rest of the class room includes boys are likely to get distracted, and girls are probably lose the concentration from the study to their polished nails.


Although there are some of the disadvantages of wearing school uniforms other than putting down each one’s character, inconveniences, for example, with theses supporting statements, I strongly believe that school uniforms are a good idea for both school and students. Moreover I don’t see any reasons why school uniforms should not be preferred.

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