School Uniforms Are A Good Idea (first Draft)

School Uniforms Are A Good Idea (first Draft) – David.Connah

Up until about year 8, kids repulsively reject any claims that school uniforms are a blessing in disguise.  This is so up in till about senior high school; were the benefits of this regularity sanctioned by the school, help make our lives a great deal less painless.

The first reason why, I believe that school uniforms are a good idea is because it spares children and parents the time-consuming, and anxiety causing ordeal, of having to choice what clothes to wear to school everyday. This might not seem like much a problem to some of us, but to the rest of us, having to choice what cloths to wear to school each day can become a nightmare. Since that the decision process of picking what to wear can be strenuous and might even cause us to miss the bus to school in the mornings.

The second reason why, I believe that school uniforms are a good idea is because it promotes equality. This might not seem like much of a deal, but most first impressions are set upon what he’s/she’s wearing, and once the dissimilarities are reduced people’s negative opinions of others will also reduced. So therefore as soon as everybody is dressed alike people will start to judge others on their personalities and traits rather than on their economical status. Continuing this also the frequency of bully is likely to decrease in uniformed schools as economical barriers and blockades are also decreased of even destroyed with the authorising of mandatory school uniforms.

The third reason why, I believe that school uniforms are a good idea is because school uniforms can save parents a lot of money. Many people might oppose this as untruthful, as shouldn’t paying for an entirely new wardrobe for most of the week be expensive? Well yes, but the money spent on school uniforms cannot even be compared to the price of high branded/fashionable clothing that will be supplemented for school uniform. How can this be? Well, this wardrobe of non-school uniform cloths can become extremely expensive in the long haul, as maintaining this level of fashion can become costly. Since fashions continuously change, as what was in one month could be completely despised or shunned upon the next.  As well as this the nonstop growing of children can also become pricy. As this yet again means that money has to be spent on non-school uniform clothing.

The fourth reason why, I believe that school uniforms are a good idea is because it prepares children for the working life, since many jobs and companies require employees to arrive to work in either a suit and tie, or in another for of inform.This might seem like a cruel or callously thing to do to young children as many people see the initiation of the formal tie, to be a sign of the end of childhood.

Even with this I think that the wearing of school uniform is part of a child’s education, as what is the difference between learning maths and learning the correct conduct for social situations they might encounter in the future. For isn’t the reason that children are sent to school is to prepare them for life? And isn’t the knowledge of how to correctly appear to future employers and peers slightly more important than how to do long division?

The fifth reason why, I believe that school uniforms are a good idea is because it helps teachers and administration staff monitor and supervise what their students are wearing. This might not seem like a big deal as most what’s out their in clothing is appropriate, but even under the most careful parental control on clothing, some improper clothing can slip past their finger tips. For example some signs such as the Nazi swastika can appear on clothing, which could offend those of specific origins or backgrounds. So with this in mind, for schools with a no uniform policy, signs like the swastika and co. are more likely to appear, with or without the parent’s knowledge. So as well the job of educating the children, the new job of censoring what students are wearing is now also impending on their educations. Therefore, having school uniforms at a school can destroy this problem, therefore focusing teachers’ efforts on educating the children rather than trying to stop them from wearing inappropriate clothing.

Consequently, I think that the wearing of school uniforms is beneficial, as not only does it make schooling easy for the students, but it also makes schooling easier for the teachers. As it makes the preforming of looking after the students easier, meaning that less time can be spent on protecting the children and more on teaching the children.

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