School uniforms are a good idea~ Draft 1

School Uniforms are a good idea

I feel that school uniforms are a good idea. There are always two sides to a coin the head and the tail. Like things, there are always the advantages and disadvantages to having it. In this essay, I will explore the various reasons why school uniforms should be deemed as a good idea. Having school uniforms allow the students to save time. Students would also focus more on their work. Also, students would feel united. The public would see the school as neat and tidy. Students would not need to waste their money to buy different clothing.

Having school uniforms would enable the students to save a lot of time. With school uniforms, students would not need to constantly think about the types of clothes they would need to dress up in for the next day. Also, students would not need to spend extra time shopping for extra clothes. As we all know, teenagers these days are constantly trying to look better than their peers. Thus, some of them might even go to the extend of making sure that they look extremely ‘cool’ before going to school. This would definitely require a lot of time. Time, which could be spent on more useful things, would all be wasted. With school uniforms, all these time can be saved.

With school uniforms, students would be able to focus more on their work. In this modern society of ours, teenagers are very competitive. Not only are they competitive in terms of studies but also, most insanely, competitive about what they wear. In this new generation of ours, the new trend among girls is to wear short mini skirt. They think that this is very attractive and thus would look ‘cool’ in it. Imagine a group of girls walking into class wearing short mini skirt. Do you think students will get distracted? Do you even think that this is appropriate? I think both boys and girls will get distracted! It is human nature for people to look. Especially at this age, twelve to eighteen when the sexual hormones in both the male and female’s body start to develop. When their hormones start to develop, the opposite sex, tend to be attracted to the other. Girls in short mini skirt tend to be a source of distraction for their peers. When students see their peers looking so ‘cool’, they would start thinking about the types of clothes they should buy to look ‘cooler’ than them. This results in a competition to see who is the coolest. Thus, students might be listening to their teacher teach but their minds are in fact thinking about the way they should dress up for the next day. With school uniforms, this kind of unnecessary competition within students can be avoided. Students would be able to save time (stated in the above paragraph), and thus would naturally be able to allocate their time into doing something more useful.

With school uniforms, students would be more united. Having School uniforms would allow students to feel a sense of belonging to the school. There would also be no division between the rich and the poor. In every community there would always be differences in students who come from different backgrounds. If students do not wear school uniforms, then it would be very easy to differentiate the rich from the poor. The poorer students might go to school wearing less fanciful clothes as compared to the richer students who would wear classy garments. The poor students would be left out, as the rich would think that they themselves are of a higher class as compared to them. This division between students might cause chaos in the school. This could result in fights between the two different groups. Also, the two groups of students would not be able to work with one another. Poor students might feel inferior to the rich students and this is not what a school is all about. Schools should teach students teamwork and this can be achieved by simply having a rule saying that school uniforms are necessary. With school uniforms, students from different economic social backgrounds will still be able to come together to work hand in hand.

With school uniforms, the public would see the school as a neat and tidy place to study in. Parents would not want to put their kids in a school which looks untidy. If students were allowed to wear whatever they want to school, then the school would look really messy. Let me give you a scenario. Just imagine being able to see students wearing different colours of shirt, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink etc. These colours would no doubt make the school look really untidy. Students are walking advertisements. They represent the school. Like the saying goes, ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. Just by looking at what students wear, parents would be able deduce the kind of school that student comes from. This way, parents would be able to know what kind of values the school has. These values would be portrayed by how well the student dresses.

Some might say a student can dress well, look neat and so there is not a need to wear school uniforms. However, imagine the scenario I gave just now. If students wear what they like but still look neat, the overall impression on the school would not be good. If they took a class photo, the photo would look totally messed up. Individual impression might be good but the overall impression on the school would be bad. This would thus, discourage parents from enrolling their kids into such schools.

With school uniforms, students would not need to spend a lot of money to buy different clothing. In my earlier paragraphs, students these days want to look much ‘cooler’ than their friends. As such, they would go to the extend of buying the most expensive clothes of different posh brands for example, Prada. This would definitely waste money. Why should teenagers start to wear branded goods? Do they even need it? The money that these students get from would be from their parents. They would waste their parent’s hard earned money. Students would thus not know the value of money as they think that looking ‘cool’ is more important than knowing where that money come from.

In a nutshell, I feel that having school uniforms are very important. We need to look at the big picture. School uniforms give opportunity to students to learn new values in life. Students would learn not to judge people by their cover but instead, learn the importance of teamwork, the value of money and also, learning that looking ‘cool’ is not everything. The most important thing is building up a good and strong character. If you think that school uniforms play a small part in building up a person’s character, please think it again.

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