Run – An Original Short Story

    Chapter 1 – Run

“Run!” she yelled. Stomp, stomp, stomp. Heavy footsteps were heard coming from the graveyard. She gripped his hand. They could hear each other’s heart, beating wildly. Each heartbeat was getting louder and faster, and each breath they took was getting harder and harder. They stopped running. They were exhausted.
She held his hand tighter. “You won’t leave me here alone, will you?” she uttered as she staggered for breath.

They looked around. The place was deserted. Completely empty. They were standing in the middle of nowhere – lost! Behind them were the dark silhouettes of the trees in the graveyard, standing tall in the middle of the land. The wind moaned and screeched at them. They could see dust swirl up behind them as the creature came closer and closer.

“It’s catching up on us! Run!” he panicked. The creature was only a few metres away. They gathered their energy and ran with all their might. He looked back and saw the creature draw out its claw. It slashed at his back and blood started spilling out from his wounds.

He collapsed in front of her. The creature bared its fangs at them as it snarled. “No! Stop!” she begged.


She woke up with a jolt as sweat trickled down her face.

    Chapter 2 – The Dream

“It was all a dream…” Amy said to herself. Or was it? She looked at her watch. It was 2:27am. Strangely, she was lying on the ground. She tried to sit upright but she was drained of any energy. She looked around. The surroundings were deserted… just like the place she recalled in her dreams!

Then she was aware of something damp on her hands. She held them up to the moonlight to see what it was.
Blood, covering both of her hands, trickling down, fresh and warm. Suddenly she realized the frightening truth. She was the creature; she was the one who had attacked him with her very own hands. “No… NO! The evil spirit split out of my body…”

    Chapter 3 – Flashback

The moon appeared from behind the clouds. It was midnight. The graveyard was outlined by the moonlight. The evil spirit opened its eyes that glowed red with rage. It then took the form of a fox, a huge one, towering over the area. Although Amy could still move, she was very weak. “AT LAST…” it growled at her, full of anger. It was time for revenge.

It started chanting hysterically,
“Take what you want,
And I’ll take what I deserve…
Since you wounded my heart,
So I’ll have revenge…
I shall tear everything apart,
And show no mercy…

When all this turns to dust and ashes,
You will fade into space…
Nothing but emptiness will remain thereafter…”

“Run!” the creature heard her yell. The tiny human beings scrambled to their feet. They cried as they ran, petrified for their lives, but the wind moaned so loud that the creature could barely hear their desperate cries.
“Ha, run! Just run! Run as fast as you can!” it jeered at them. “No matter how hard you try, you can not escape!”

The creature let them run for a while, and then it ran after them. And it ran with a speed so incredible that the ground shook with every stride it took. Stomp, stomp, stomp.
It was right behind them it could almost touch them. “It’s catching up on us! Run!” he squealed. It lashed out its claw and he stumbled and fell with agony. Blood was spilling out everywhere.

    Chapter 4 – Truth

She was in her bed. “Was it all a dream?” she thought to herself. She could see the sunlight shining through the window of her bedroom. But she was uncertain. She decided to phone him. No answer. Worried that something may have happened to him, she went to his house.

“He didn’t come back yesterday, we are very worried.” replied his mother, standing by the door of his house. “Didn’t he go with you to the graveyard yesterday in the afternoon?”
She hesitated then replied, “Oh. Erm, I don’t know. I can’t remember.” Before his mother could ask any more questions, she said goodbye and walked away quickly.

She grew anxious. Where was he? Did she really attack him?
She ran to the graveyard, which was on a slope that overlooked the town. Behind the graveyard, lay a bare land of dust and ashes. She saw footprints in the dust. The footprints were huge. Who did they belong to? Was it the creature in the dream? She entered the graveyard through the gate.

A drop of water fell onto her face. She looked up and clouds were gathering rapidly. It started to rain. Within seconds, the rain was pouring down and the wind grew stronger.
She ran for cover underneath a tall tree. Suddenly there was a gust of wind and the gates to the graveyard slammed shut. She was trapped inside the graveyard!

She could feel the presence of another being very close to her. “Who could it be?” she thought to herself. A chill went down her spine as she looked around.

Then she heard a voice.

She turned around cautiously and saw that there was a slight movement in the pit right behind the tree. There, at the bottom of the pit, lay the outline of a body, soaked in blood, with three deep cuts on the back, as a claw has attacked it.

The body moaned, “Help… help…”


The divide between Reality,
and fantasy, is blurred.
Will we ever know the Truth,
Or will this remain a mystery forever…?

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