Response to ‘Lies we tell kids’

‘Lies we tell kids’ is an essay written by Paul Graham. The target audience for this essay is vague and unclear, but anyone can enjoy reading it. It not only shows the common lies that adults tell their children but also some reasons behind it. There are various purposes lying to children, such as for protection, peace etc. I found this essay very entertaining than the other essays since it has assertion or argument that reader can easily agree on.

From this essay ‘Lies we tell kids’, how he has written very differently from conventional essay where there are headings between each argument he made. Also, since the whole essay is written in informal language it gave me familiar feeling and easy to understand. Plus, because the content of this essay is very familiar since everyone has experienced including myself, I read this essay relating to my own experience. In the introduction:

But if a kid asks you “Is there a God?” or “What’s a prostitute?” you’ll probably say “Ask your parents.”

I totally agree on the statement that Paul Graham made and majority of people would, because this conversation occurs frequently in daily life. According to Paul Graham, adults lie to children in order to protect them. I consider that white lie is not always bad, but it can affect children adversely when children are overprotected, and later on if they start to get access to the real society and actually starts to find those answers to their question.

I can understand why parents tell white lies; to protect their children and keep them ‘flawless’ or ‘innocent’ because often people say knowing too much can bring us bad effects. Sometimes, I really think it is better to unaware of it.

Although the purpose of ‘White Lies’ or any kind of lies may be to take care of them but, often, it can give harmful influence afterwards. Therefore, adults should distinguish when they should and should not lie.

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