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“Lies We Tell Kids” is a revealing essay about relationship of lies between parents and kids. Nobody wants to be lied to, yet all of the adults always tell kids lies. I am a 15 years-old teenage girl, being stuck between the age of kids and adults, I can kind of relate the feelings from both sides.

I understand how parents tell kids lies, at my age, I sometimes lies to my younger sister too. World has a dark side, once we grew up and knew the dark side, we don’t really want to let those younger, naïve children around us to know. I think lies in this essay isn’t what we usually think of lies, I would think it is hiding away the dark, avoiding the evilness. I remember when I was young, my mom always turn off the TV once it showed gangsters or sex. But that wasn’t lying, it’s just not letting us to know.

After read books or watched movies about US (stereotypical) teenagers, I see no point of not being innocent and protected. To me, my whole world was school and home before 12, the only way to know the world is by TV. Before the age of 12, I had never been out shopping by myself or without an adult. My parents knew that the chances of me being in danger were less than 2%, it’s not like I will get kidnapped or raped in broad daylight, but because of my unawareness of danger, they still wouldn’t let me go. What causes this? Those protecting lies. Therefore, after 12, my mom starts sending me emails about danger around us.

In US movies, girls all seem to have lost their virginity by the time in high school. From all the teachings of adolescence in schools, it weren’t useful enough to let me know what will happen. Therefore, researches have been done on the Internet. Which is something that I lied to parents, the reverse of our topic. The truth is, kids tell parents lies too, when my parents sat down and had a long conversation about sex, I didn’t tell them that I already knew about it. Sex was the topic not to be mentioned at my house, when we had the long conversation, I felt like I have been treated as an adult, the atmosphere were completely different. I guess that when they started to treat me as an adult, first thing, stop telling lies.

After reading this essay, I discovered that my parents worked really hard on trying to tell me the truth. They have been treating me as an adult since I pass 12, but because of my ‘wretched judgments’, some taboos still exist. Which I am quite grateful about, to be innocent and protected, as a sentence he said that I totally agree: ‘I used to think I wanted to know everything. Now I know I don’t.’


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  • Aaron

    This is a great post! However I do not agree with your third paragraph. Parents protect us and they tell us that we cannot go out alone because we might get “kidnapped or raped”. That I believe is the truth. When we are younger, parents restrict us from going to shopping centers alone, as it might be dangerous. I totally do not believe that those are “protecting lies”. Even though we might be living in a safe place, that does not mean that there is zero crime rates. There is still a high possibility that we might be in danger. I love your last sentence! As I grow older, I just want to live in my own shell where I am oblivious to the world we live in. This world, is just too complicated!

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