‘Lie We Tell Kids’ personal response

I think Paul Graham’s ideas are very interesting. Think back to my own experience, I realize my mother told me those lies too. However, most of the time, my mom is quite ‘honest’ most of the time. I realized my mother is more honest to me than my brother, who is 4 years younger than me.
I think the reason why my mother do this, is exactly what Paul Graham said in his essay. She’s trying to keep my brother to stay ‘innocent’. My mother thinks that kids nowadays are now acting ‘like a children’. ‘Adults have a certain model of how kids are supposed to behave, and it’s different from what they expect of other adults’. She always says that when we go back to our home country, when my nephews (cousin’s children) are at our house. The children are raised by a much younger generation than my mother, and their behavior, in my mother’s point of view, are shockingly terrible. I remembered once, my brother was playing with one of my nephew, who is not much older than him. The next day, my brother told my mom that the nephew was asking him about things he never heard about. My mother was furious, she told the kid’s parents, however they didn’t seem to care about it.
Is lying to kids a good or a bad thing? Then, is being entirely honest to kids is a good thing to do? To be honest, from the example of my nephew, I cannot see any good that have done to know everything, and stop being innocent. However, on the other hand, look at my brother. I think my brother is naïve, he doesn’t know anything. He’s not practical at all. He is now 11 year old, but he still act like a 5 year old (at least from my point of view). Maybe everyone wants to be innocent again; therefore, we don’t have to bare the cruelness of the world, of the truth. That could be the reason why we want to keep our kids to stay innocent. It’s a protection. However the protection would only make the children to have more pain afterward, because it’s not avoidable to grow up. Eventually, we will grow up one day, and if it were our choice, we would also become a parent that lies to our kid, or not.

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  • Alissa Yap

    i love the part where you mention although your brother is 11 years old he still cats like a 5 years old XD and i relate to you =) its the same for my brother as well and i agree that it may be due to the fact that my mother tried to ‘protect’ his ‘innocent’.

  • Dawn

    haha XD, this is true though, that my brother is really naive, and never use his brain before action.
    however sometimes, when he ask things that related to sex, i really doubt that he doesn’t know that kind of things….
    Well, now i really don’t understand my brother, and to be honest, I don’t want to understand him anyways… 😛

  • Alissa Yap

    once again i agree! sometimes i also think my brother ask question that that he already know the answer to, oh well like you say theres no point in try to understand brothers XD

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