Is School Uniform a Good Idea? (First Draft)

There have been many debates about the idea of a school having a school uniform, but like everything, there are pros and cons. I believe to some extend that school uniforms are indeed a good idea.

The first reason I believe that school uniform is a good idea is because school uniform unites the student body. People favor the use of uniform because school uniform creates a sense of unity in the school, because everyone is wearing the same clothing. As human beings we are judgmental, when we dislike something, we tend to dislike they people who are doing the things that we have and aversion to, in this case, the clothes we choose to wear, but with school uniform people can’t judge you base on your outer appearance. Despite the fact they we might still judge them base on their personality, at least then the student will be judge base on their inside and not their outer appearance. Some might said that without uniform student can express their individuality, but majority of the students nowadays wants to be accepted, they to do want to be classified as an outcast and be a victim of vicious bullying. There is a reason why nowadays there are magazine shows you the fashion trends this year. Sometimes you would be able to see people in the streets wearing similar article of clothing, this is because they are following the fashion trend, they choose to wear those clothes that are the latest style because they want to fit in, to be accepted by their peers. Wearing the same school uniform creates an image of unity and helps student feel accepted in the school.

I believe that school uniform is not a hindrance for students who want to express themselves. Although some people deliberate that wearing your own clothes can help you express yourself; it shows you who you are. In spite of the fact this would indeed be helpful, I believe that if a student truly wants to express himself (or herself) school uniform would not be a big enough hurdle to stop them; they would be able to find other ways to express themselves. There are many ways to express oneself, an example would be by words whether it’s words that are spoken or written, it can express the student’s thought. Some student might have difficulties express the though words but there are still many other ways, another example would be through arts, there are different types of arts that student can participate in whether it’s drama, drawing, or dancing. Which leads me to believe that if students really want to express themselves, school uniform will not be a restriction.

Buying school uniform will cost less than buying normal clothes. Most of the time the school uniform is included in the school fees, so parent don’t need to spend extra money on school uniform, compare it to schools that allowed their student to wear their own clothing, in term of clothes school uniform would be not consider costly. Although it’s true that in some school, the school uniform are consider overpriced, but consider this fact, the clothes that you will wear most would be your school uniform, since it would be a necessity to wear it every school day. Where else if the school were to let student wear their own clothes, students are required spend money to buy different articles of clothing, they would most likely wear different outfit everyday, although they may wear the same clothes again, it would be less than the number of times they would wear the clothes in comparison to school uniform which are worn every school days. There might be some people that might wear the same cloths everyday but the possibility would be very low, majority of the people nowadays would change into different clothes. In this case even though school uniform will still be expensive you would still be able to get your money worth since you will be wearing it every school days. In a long term, school uniform will be considered much cheaper than buying a large amount of different clothes.

School uniform can be regarded as the symbol of the school. Nowadays, majority of the parent aim for their children to go into a good school, this is because majority if these parent want the best they can afford for their child. Envision this, a parent that wants their child to have a good school with a good education system and enforce discipline to the student, presume that they are comparing a school that allows student to wear their own clothes and a school take required student to wear a school uniform, majority of the parent would expect that the school that provides school uniform would be a better option for their child, because the school uniform creates an good image in those parent’s mind.

All in all, I believe that school uniform does not restrict the students to express themselves. In fact, it gives more opportunity to try out different activities. School uniforms help creates the image of a school with good education and discipline; as well as helping the school creates a sense of unity among the student body. School uniforms gives the school a better image and in terms of disapline, it will be beneficial to the students. These are the reasons that entail me to believe that school uniforms are in fact a good idea.

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