Are School Uniforms Good? (First Draft)

Wearing school uniform has both its advantages and disadvantages; however it turns out the negatives outweigh the benefits. More specifically, school uniforms are not good because they’re uncomfortable, it forces children to grow up early, it prevents children from being able to express themselves, it separates girls and boys, and increases costs for families.

One major reason, that school uniforms are bad is the fact that they are very uncomfortable.  In school, if a student is feeling excessively hot or cold, they are unable to do anything about it, since they’re restricted from putting on a sweater if they’re shivering or wearing a thinner shirt so that they sweat less.  These restrictions on a student’s control of what they wear can make them feel very uncomfortable in class and can even distract them from learning properly in class by not being able to be fully attentive tank to the fact that they’re either sweating or shivering during the lesson.

Requiring the students, whether they’re 5 or 15 years old, to wear uniform forces the children to grow up early.  This is especially the case, when children in elementary school must tuck in their shirts or wear leather shoes while playing tag on the playground.  Not only would it be uncomfortable for a young child, but then they also can’t properly enjoy their time outside with classmates known as a “childhood.”  In other words, forcing

Students to wear uniform is taking away some part of a kid’s childhood since they’re forced to dress formal and adult like. They have their whole adulthood to dress like that, so why should they start during their childhood?  However, it also may be argued that whilst those in elementary school may choose to wear what they want due to the fact that they’re so young, those that are older like high school students should wear uniform.  To the contrary, this shouldn’t be that case, because for example even students who attend university or college don’t even wear uniform, so why should high school students have to wear it?

Being forced to wear uniform, takes away a child’s freedom of choice regarding what they wear, this ultimately prevents them from being able to fully express themselves.  During a person’s childhood, and specifically during their teenage years, is a person’s time to “shine” and express him or herself as who they are.  For example, if a teenager who is gothic wears dark clothing to school, it is probably because they want others to know that they’re gothic.  It is true that dressing as a gothic teen makes it easier for others to judge, but no matter what clothes a person wears, people always judge so at least it’s better to be judged as who you want others to see you rather than what the school wants people to see you as.

In some cases, the uniform not only restricts a student’s freedom as to how they’re perceived, but also can be considered sexist as it may even separate girls and guys between the differences in uniform.  Not all girls like to wear skirts, or in the opposite case not all girls like to wear pants, but uniform neglects both.  Especially, if at a school, girls are required to wear skirts, then it’s emphasizing the fact that since girls are different to boys then they must dress as a “girl” too.  If at a school, girls are required to wear dress pants, ties, or any other clothing that may be more commonly part of a male’s wardrobe, then it could be considered that the girls are forced to dress the same as the boys no matter how uncomfortable it may be for them.

A common argument made in the case for school uniforms is that they are cheap and save families money, however this isn’t the case since besides spending money on school uniform, students also spend money on day-to-day clothes just as much as they would’ve if they weren’t required to wear uniform to school.  This is because with a uniform, a students end up wearing two sets of clothing everyday, one if their uniform and the other is their normal dress. This defeats the purpose of saving money, since maintaining and re-buying uniform only adds to the bill rather than cutting down costs.

Overall, it is not beneficial for students attending school wearing uniform due to the fact that being forced to wear uniform causes the issues mentioned above as well as posing a nuisance and burden for students trying to learn and teachers trying to educate since students may be tempted to “act out” and can even disrupt their education.


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