Against school uniform

Many school have fixed uniform, there have always been arguments support it, and arguments against it. From my point of view as a student, I very much dislike the idea of school uniform, due to the fact that it is uncomfortable, expensive and easily damaged etc.

The major and the most common reason why students dislike wearing school uniform are because of its uncomfortableness. Students get up in the morning, wearing fresh and clean uniform to school, usually ended up dirty and messy when arrived home. The whole purpose of having a school uniform was to let the school look more organize; let students look neat, tidy and well educated. However, when after a day of studying, the school uniform now on students might look like gangsters, not following the rules created by the images of untucked shirt, undone top button, and messy hair.

On top of that, we tend to like our own clothes better; there are more varieties to choose from our closest. It is easier for us to choose our own clothes when the weather changes. Usually school uniform only has 2 sets, summer and winter. There are no transitions in between, how can students withstand the weather changes then?

Furthermore, when you ask a year 2 to wear the uniform, you need to have the preparation of it being destroyed. A normal year 2 student will play on the playground during breaks; will spill drinks during lunch; will sweat while running etc. it’s all unpreventable, it will not only destroy the look of the child, it will also ruin the aims of school uniform: unity and tidiness.

The reason of wearing school uniform is for the students to represent their schools, but on the other side, it destroys personal characteristics. Schools always encourage people to express themselves, to show your true spirit. Contradictorily, school uniform restricts this, made students have to wear the same clothes as every other classmates, when everyone’s spirit is different is not a way to express themselves. Moreover, school uniform is usually dark coloured, to meet the requirement of being mature and formal, but making a 12 years old child to wear black, grey and white everyday is forcing them to be somebody that they are not, is destroying their childhood as well as their personal characteristics.

Personal characteristics are shown by various factors, one important one is clothing. Some people argued that school uniform limits discrimination, which is proven to be not true. Different clothing will cause discrimination, but same uniform does not restrict this neither. Discrimination happens with or without uniform, since people does not judge people only by what they wear, we judge by who they are inside, therefore cliques still forms even with uniforms.

The group classified to have to wear school uniform is a topic full of clashes too.  University students are mature enough not to wear it, whereas kindergarten kids are too young to wear it, so are uniform designed to look mature or childish? In some cases, elementary school and senior school shares the same uniform, which means year 2 will wear the same as year 11, this might make year 11 students to look less mature or responsible then their actual age compare to the year 9 or 10 students. The clothing that will fit each year group is totally different, if they are forced to all wear the same, the feature of this year group will disappear, it will make them turn into the same person.

Another problem of school uniform created by age group is the ease of wearing it. Year 11 students are capable enough to tie their own ties, iron their own shirt. However year 2 students will not be able to those things listed above. It would be extremely difficult for parents to teach a year 2 student how to tie his tie. Therefore the fitness of the school uniform on students is critically important. On the other hand, when they are able to wear their own clothes, these problems wont appear.

From a parents’ point of view to see the school uniform, common issue is that it costs quite a fortune sometimes. Parents need to spend money on school uniform almost annually, and most of the time uniform can be relatively expensive. Most schools have PE kits too, where students only wear it once per week in some examples. On top of that, some schools have a special set of formal uniform, which often only wears it no more than five times a year. Imagine a new student came to this school, they will have to buy all kinds of clothes just for that single term, he probably might even ended with one or two clothes that haven’t been open yet.  Moreover, the chances of these uniform being worn again is very low.

Overall, school uniform is not only inconvenient, it also creates a giant problem for the students and the parents, so it is a bad thing.


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