Thoughts on Romanticism

Although the majority of our class has yet not presented their work about romanticism I feel like I have already learnt a lot about it that I didn’t know before.

From my research about romanticism I must say I find it more interesting than I thought I would. For example, my favorite romantic poet so far is probably Mary Shelley. She was a strong female who fought for equal rights between men and woman. I also found it really interesting to get to know how she came up with the story of Frankenstein. I didn’t even know who the author of Frankenstein was, or even what Frankenstein was about before we started this unit.

Additionally, I found the Byronic hero, an element added to romanticism by Lord Byron very interesting. I really thought it was fun to see how something developed such a long time ago are still in modern stories such as Twilight, Harry Potter and Star Wars.

Another thing I had kind of just assumed about romanticism before we started this topic was that I thought it only occurred in Europe. I never thought about how it might be occurring in other places in the world as well. So thanks to Aaron and Gerald I now know that it was occurring in America as well. Furhermore, I didn’t really think about how different people added different elements to romanticism, and I actually barley knew any of these elements. I guess nature is the most obvious one, which is basically the only thing I knew about romanticism.

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