Second reflection on Death of a Salesman

Since I have read this play once and fully understand the basic storyline, I was able to pick out some of the new features that I haven’t noticed in the previous time, because at the first time I was busy understanding the storyline and learning the relationships between each character. However as I know mostly about the plot, I could turn my focus onto different areas in more depth.

If anyone asks me whether I have a compassion for Willy, I would not hesitate to say yes, and that my sympathy for Willy hasn’t changed, but in contrasting aspects. At the first time I read the play, I simply sympathized with Willy for not being a successful salesman. Eventhough he worked hard, there was barely any progress in his sales. However I soon changed my mind when I read it for the second time. I feel sorry for Willy, because he has the biased belief that a ‘good’ life must contain high social status, success and wealth, which has brought tragedy to his family.

An interesting query suddenly rose up in my head, which is ‘Is Linda, too mentally ill?’ The reason why I thought so is because she unnecessarily shows too much ‘love’ to Willy. In other words she over protects Willy. Moreover there is a possibility that  she knows about the Woman, and if she does know about the fact, it is quite unusual to remain as the past times, still loving unfaithful husband.

While I was reading, I tried to read and comprehend everything in Willy’s point of view. Nonetheless I am still stuck in the part where Willy killes himself. What would he be thinking while driving a car in the wrong direction?  It was proven that Biff actually likes Willy, but Willy decides to kill himself. For me it is difficult to understand Willy’s action.

I have once more realised this play is very well-made that reflects our real lives clearly. Also it is found out that reading for the second time is not yet enough.

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