Second impressions on Death of a Salesman

As I read through Death of a Salesman again I realized how useful it actually was to read it one more time. There were a lot of things I hadn’t noticed before, and many things I had forgotten. However, there were a lot of things that were still clear in my mind, and I guess those are the things I payed most attention to when I read through it earlier.

For instance, The Woman. She really stuck in my mind the first time through, and caught my attention at once. Reading it this weekend I discovered that I hadn’t really forgotten anything about her. I really think The Woman is an interesting and mysterious character.

Another mysterious character is Ben. I had forgotten a lot about Ben. Nevertheless, I still remembered clearly that Ben is part of Willy’s imagination, but I think Ben kind of brings out the worst in Willy a lot of the time. For example Ben is the part of Willy’s thoughts that persuades him to commit suicide. At the end of the play, right before Willy drives off in his car Ben keeps saying thins like “The jungle is dark but full of diamonds”. I think that Ben is trying to say that death can be a good thing, and is just trying to encourage Willy to kill himself. The character Ben is a character that really puzzles me.

Additionally, the first time reading through I didn’t pay much attention to the references of Willy’s father. As I read through it now, I get really curious, because quite little is said about Willy’s father. I really want to know who he was and more importantly, did the fact that Willy’s father left him effect Willy in a particular way?

Before I started reading the play the second time I had decided that I wanted to look for evidence that Linda knew about The Woman, because I remember Mr.Macknight telling us in class that there were evidence that suggested Linda knew about The Woman. Additionally, I also read something about it online. However, sadly I couldn’t find anything in the book. I really want to know, because I think it makes quite a difference in my opinion about Linda.  If she knows about the affair and just doesn’t do anything about it and pretends like she doesn’t know, or if she doesn’t know at all and believe Willy would never do something like that to her.

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