Second Impression on “Death of a Salesman”

My second impression on “Death of a Salesman”.

My first impression of Willy was that he was an arrogant man. Willy would exaggerate about his sales and boast about his son’s (mainly Biff) achievements. Although reading it the second time, I focus on the part which Willy shows his insecurities In front of the other character in the play, Willy portray as someone who is overconfident and likes to do thing his way. But with his brother Ben, he consider himself less significant to his brother, due to the fact that his brother is much more “successful” than he is. Which cause him to seek approval from his brother. From his hallucination Willy said when Ben commented “Good luck with- what do you do?” and Willy answer “Selling.” but then he said to Ben “No, Ben, I don’t want you to think … “. Before he finished his sentence he start telling his sons to “Go right over to the apartment house and get some sand”, and claims that he’s “gonna rebuild the entire front stoop” this action was to prove to Ben that he have some skills as well. In the play, all the time that Willy reveals his insecurities were during his conversation with his brother, Ben, and not with his family, which might be because he does not want to worry them, especially Linda.

From the play, Linda shows that she actually knows exactly what is going on, which include, how Willy borrows fifty dollar from Charley and how he tries to kill himself. Although Willy does not show her his insecurities, Linda shows that Willy does not feel confident, and warned Biff that she “wont’ have anyone making him feel unwanted and low and blue”. This makes me think about the beginning of the play when Willy smashed the car. At first Willy mention that “Maybe it was the coffee”, after he said that Linda gave try to suggest a few reason why Willy smashed the car again she first suggested “Oh. Maybe it was the steering again,” she then added, “I don’t think Angelo knows the Studebaker”. To me it almost seems like she’s trying to blame someone else in order to make Willy feel better. When Willy blames himself for it, she said, “Maybe it’s your glasses”. It almost seems like Linda it making up excuses for Willy to make him feel better, so that he does not feel “low and blue”.

My Impression of Biff was pretty much the same as when I first read “Death of a Salesman”. Although the first time I concentrated on Biff because of the mystery between him, Wily and the women, but reading it the second time, I concentrated more on Happy character. From the first time that I read “Death of a Salesman”, I did not pay much attention to the character Happy. I did not think in depth with Happy character the first time I read it. From the play I notice that Happy asked Willy “I lose weight, Pop you notice?” this was mention three time in the play, and all of those time Willy ignore Happy’s attempt to gain his attention. It is also obvious that Happy is a skirt-chaser; he likes to spend his time with women. From a conversation with his brother, Happy states that ”My own apartment, a car, and plenty of women. And still, goddamnint, I’m lonely” This makes me think that there is a possibility that he’s using the attention he got from women as a substitute for his father’s attention. From the same conversation Happy also said “I don’t know what the hell I’m workin’ for.” this gave me the impression that Happy is actually lost, he does not seems to know what he want to do with his life, this may be due to the fact that Willy places all of his hopes and dream on Biff.

To conclude, reading ”Death of the Salesman” the second time make me more aware on the character’s action, it also made me think more about the thing that the said in the play. For some of the character, like Happy, it changed my impression on them.

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