The Romanticism is the period of time that is full of natural, amazing, yet unrealistic dreams.
William Blake, who was the father figure of the romanticism, the pre-romanticism. While he was alive, he wrote a lot of poetries, in very simple form with comprehensive words. He’s regarded as the most important people during the romanticism period, and influenced a lot of romantic poets after him. However, William Blake wasn’t famous nor rich when he was alive. He had given his entire life for art and literature, but he’s suffering from living.
From looking at William Blake’s life style, it makes me wondering that does the value of art and literature worth to let someone to put in their entire life?

I like William Blake’s poems very much. He’s poems are easy to understand, for the surface. However, it really make started to think about the deeper meaning behind the words.

I think, although the style of writings are different from time to time, the questions the writers or the poets are focusing on is the way we live, and the purpose of living.

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