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This week, we started on a new project about Romantics and Romanticism. Only 2 groups have presented theirs so far, but both of them are really good. They did the section of English Romanticism, American Transcendentalists and French Romanticism.


Aurora and Alissa were the first one to present their work; they did the English Romanticism on Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Shelley and Lord Byron. Out of all 4 people, I’ve only heard of Mary Shelley before because of the book “Frankenstein”, and didn’t imagine that would be categorized as Romanticism, so that’s one of things I’ve learnt from this project. Also, I did not know that Samuel Taylor Coleridge had started the Romanticism, I always had the impression of some musician started it since I knew the period Romanticism from music lessons. Therefore I would suggest people to include a page on Romanticism, just the brief background so people outside of this would understand, or even just a refresh of our minds. I really liked the way Aurora and Alissa highlighted their effect on Romanticism, I found it useful for me to keep and extremely easy to find the information.


Aaron and Gerald presented about the American Transcendentalists and French Romanticism the second. They researched on Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Bronson Alcott and Jean-Jacques Rosseau. Even though they did not present about Bronson Alcott, but I think they researched in detail about Henry David Thoreau, I think I recognize one of his works “Civil Disobedience” from one of the news articles. I was shocked when i found out that it also belongs to the American Transcendentalists, since I was convinced that it was all related to Nature and Supernatural things. It would be nice if they could explain that. But I enjoy seeing their presentation; they used chocolate to catch people’s attention, which is a very clever tactic. Also they did not speak too fast, so while watching the whole presentation, it wasn’t a time just to hurry up and take notes. 😛


Very excited about others presentation, hope ours wouldn’t be too bad. 🙂


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  • Aaron

    Haha I totally agree with you! I also did not know that the book “Frankenstein” was categorized under Romanticism. Just by listening to the background of the book “Frankenstein”, I am able to relate as to why it was categorized under Romanticism. You would definitely find me reading “Frankenstein” one day.

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