Reflection on Romanticism PR

So far, our class has been looking at the Romantics and Romanticism. Only 2 groups have performed their presentation this week, but I feel I have learned wide range of Romanticism such as English Romanticism, American Transcendentalists and French Romanticism.

First of all, Aurora and Alissa’s group has presented the English Romanticism on Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Shelley and Lord Byron. I found interesting on work of Percy Shelley and Mary Shelley have done. They both have written the poems and created new field of literature (romanticism) but Percy and Mary also made a social statement. Percy fought for the rights of all living creatures, and Mary claimed all women should have equal rights. My favorite part of their presentation was that Aurora and Alissa have actually compared the differences and linked between Coleridge and Lord Byron, and Mary Shelley and Percy Bysshe Shelley. However I consider that they need to improve on not only how they have actually influenced Romanticism but speaking slowly while presenting, since I found it hard to take notes. Plus, they have more focused on their biography, so they should add some information on how they have influenced Romanticism.

Secondly, Aaron and Gerald’s group has presented about the American Transcendentalists and French Romanticism. This group has more focused on the writer’s work and some influences they have made, although they did not present about Bronson Alcott. I found that all the American Transcendentalists have done related to Nature and Supernatural things since most of their writings are relevant to God, Nature, wilderness and spirit. I liked how Aaron and Gerald spoke slowly but they need to research about Alcott. ^^

I am looking foward to see other presentations!!!! 😀

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  • Alissa Yap

    srry for making it hard for you to take note, i did not realize that i was speaking too fast during the presentation, i guess it’s something i need to work on! XD

    • Diana Kim

      haha but I still liked the information you have researched~ There was a lot of clear information~

  • Aurora

    Yes sorry..! But I think we had a little too much information, and in future presentations i guess i need to cut down on that, hehe.

    • Diana Kim

      haha I liked how you had many information but I found it a little hard to pick out some key points. ^^

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