Reflection on Romanticism

For the past weeks we had been learning more about Romanticism. We were paired off to do some research on how our chosen Romantic influence the later generations.

During the time spent on research I learnt a lot more about the Romantics. One of the things that I particularly notice Romantics like Mary Shelley and Percy Bysshe Shelley’s work are influenced from their childhood.

Mary Shelley ‘s father was a political philosopher, which impact her works, she believe the key to improve society was politic. Mary’s mother also has a big impact on her works, her mother was a feminist, although her mother passed away when Mary Shelley was just 11 days old, Mary was able to learn more about her mother through though her journal. Her mother’s journal it impact her; she believe that female should be treated equally as men, this belief broke the tradition of that era where in society a men’s status is higher than a women.

For Percy Bysshe Shelley, he was born in aristocrat family, although unlike his family he wants to help people with lower class. His family did not approve his thinking on helping the less fortunate; they wanted him to follow the ways of traditional aristocracy. Percy was also a vegetarian, he believe that even animals should be treated equally.

Our group was the first to present, our Romantic were Mary Shelley,Percy Bysshe Shelley, Lord Byron, Samuel Taylor Coleridge .During the presentation, I spoke too fast which cause difficulties for the audience. I think that I have made it clearer for the audience, especially which part of the information was important and how it had impacted the works of the writers. The second pair that present talk about the French Romantics and American Transcendentalist. The second pair did a great job, their presentation on the French Romantics and American Transcendentalist was well organize and the information on was clear, which is something that I think we could definitely improve form for our future presentation.

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