Reflection on Romanticism

In recent English classes, we were focusing on the Romantics and Romanticism. We have grouped into twos and began the research on the Romantics in different countries. Not only we found some information about them, but also how their literature works have influenced the later generations and the way in which they presented Naturalism and Romanticism in their works.

When Aurora and Alissa’s group has presented their research, I was amazed by the amount of research they have done! Although they did not really tell us how they contributed on the Romanticism, they gave us a lot of information on their lifetime including how their lifetime had an influence on their works. It was a great opportunity to know that Frankenstein was one of the literature in Romantic era.

While researching on American Transcendentalism and French Romanticism, I have learnt a lot of new materials. I learned that all of Romantics and Transcendentalists have added new elements in the Romanticism to develop its idea of being ‘natural’. Moreover I could realize how much effort they put in order to propagate their belief, such as ‘anti-slavery’. Henry David Thoreau, for example refused to pay tax and went to jail to show his view toward the slavery.

During today’s presentation, I have learnt that paintings can also be part of Romanticism, which is another intersting fact to know. Overall I did absolutely enjoy both researching and listening to other’s presentation.


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