George Orwell- Final Deer Post

Title of book: George Orwell 1984

Author: George Orwell

I have finally finished reading this book and I would rate it a 7/10. This is a fantastic book however somewhere in the middle, the story becomes really political. What I like about this book is that George Orwell is able describe the situation in explicit detail. One would be able to feel the atmosphere experienced by the characters.

George Orwell is able to play with your feelings. Around the 100th page of this book, I thought that there was hope for the people. Hope that at the end, dictatorship would be destroyed however at the end, all that happened was that George Orwell just brought you back to square one! Even at the last part, when the main character, Winston, was getting tortured by the government so as to brainwash him into thinking that dictatorship is good, I, the reader still had hoped that the whole situation would be changed at the last part. In the end, I could say that I was utterly disappointed.

This book is really dark and gloomy. During those weeks of reading this book, it was as if I were in a dark shell not able to escape the very clutches of dictatorship. It was as though I was one of the characters in the book. George Orwell is really able to play with your feelings, to make you think and feel just the way he wants. Overall I can say that he is an author that totally makes you think about what you had just read. He is a fantastic author who is able to manipulate your feelings. I am very certain that you would be able to find me reading one of his other books!



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